Thursday, July 15, 2010

"S" for Summer Project part 2

Aaack, sorry I didn't get the final pic of Skye's T-shirt on the last post. So here it is!!! Ta-Daaa! Now if I could only pull a rabbit out of my hat.... that would be somethin...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Even Super Heros Have To Sleep

My little turkey loves to run around in costumes, mostly homemade. He especially likes mask's, and we have made quite a few, everything from spider's to dino's. Give that kiddo some crayon's, shirtboard, scissor's and elastic, and "Bam, Splat, Kapow!" new identity!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yo Yo Yo Necklace

During last year's garage sailing I picked up a bag of crochet yo yo's? I hope that is what they are called...I just loved the way they were strung all tidy on a piece of red yarn in a baggie for a whole .25cent's. I knew I would use them one day for something. Well that day came when I was rifling through my bit's o' baubles and came up with a ugly one off earring that just screamed makeover. So I complied, by combining : my yo yo's, the uggy earring,vintage ribbon, or lace trim, Americana gold acrylic paint, old book pages,ModgePodge "decoupage medium" large gold jump ring's, and a lobster clasp,and a pair of needle, or flat nose jewelery pliers. To make a necklace I simply altered the earring to use only the tear drop shaped bead portion. Then I tore up small pieces of poetry from an old book and decoupaged it to the bead, I featured a particular word for fun, like "naked" which I highlighted around the edges with gold paint. Then I sealed the whole bead with "Modge Podge and set aside to dry. Now I simply started connecting yo yo's together with the jump ring's to the desired length, and then added a vintage lace ribbon to the end jump ring's and then attached a crimp that on one end attaches to your ribbon end and the other attaches to your lobster clasp. Finally add your bead again with another jump ring. Something unique to wear with a simple strapless sundress!!