Friday, June 29, 2012

DIY Summertime Flag

While at the fabric store the other day picking out fabric for a baby gift, my 9 yr old suggested I get fabric to make a flag for our front porch. Jolly good idea he had! After we left with the supplies, I realized my clever child just averted us from stopping at another store! I have to admit it was a great idea, as I could make it my style with whimsy, and for a smidgen of the cost of a typical flag.

.I found some perfect old fashioned looking yellow floral fabric. And at $1.50 a yard, I say yes please! I roughly used 3/4 of a yard. I cut it in the shape of a castle flag, and on one piece, I sewed on my decoration's which included doilie's , and a $1.00 hanky from a five & dime store. Since it was my summer flag, I wanted a phrase that would suit. What came to mind was a song my grandma would sing me... In the good old summer time. Perfect for me to embroider on the hanky, then secure on the flag with a colorful zig zag stitch.

Then I simply put right sides together, and again used a zigzag to sew together all but the end.

Next you flip it right side out, and then roll the top down to make a nice pocket to fit your flagpole. Again i used a zigzag to sew this. And there you have it! Let the wind whip your fabulous new summer flag that look's like no other!

oh and ironically, while I was making this, I was watching my You've Got Mail movie, which I discovered was made after the an old 50's movie called... In the good old summertime!

So grab a bit of fabric and sew your own one of a kind cheery seasonal flag! And have a splendid weekend!:-) Dawn

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crystal Bridges- Part two

It was so difficult to pare down favorite pieces of art to share, so I am afraid your gonna get the royal tour... I'll be right back to get your headphone's, in the meantime enjoy;)

Clever palette portraits!
I adored this self portrait. Look closely at how his cat naturally arches. You can just hear the pleasant purring!
A lovely Mrs. Chamberlain by John Singer Sargent
Any good museum worth it's two bit's has gotta have a Warhol! Helllooo Dolly!!

Aaaand a Warhol finger puppet!
Anne Page, by Dennis Miller Bunker.This was my favorite. You just had to see it's soft, glowing, life sized scale to appreciate it's beauty.  And  the fact that she was not centered made it that much more fabulous. 
Modern Art:)
William Trost Richard's landscape's were beyond word's other than genius!
Find the faces..ha!
The Reader by the wonderful Mary Cassatt!
And last but certainly not least, James McNeill Whistler! So if you get a chance go toCrystal Bridges Art Museum.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crystal Bridges :Part 1

One of my favorite stop's on our trip was the Crystal Bridges Art Museum in Bentonville Arkansas . Only 6 month's old and an absolutely beautiful structure, that has thus far had at least double the amount of expected guest's, (us happily included). I could visit over and over to gaze at the wonderful art work's, and wish my picture's could've captured even a fraction of the real beauty, detail, and brush stroke's of these famous pieces. Alas I hope you enjoy what I could squeek out, considering how strict the staff was. We had to stand 18 inches back from the art, and no flashes. Some older man and woman were standing beside me and whatdya know but he clicks off a flash, and I'll be dad- gummed if me my friend Em didnt get blamed!I said "Excuse me man, but I don't even have a blinkin flash on my 3G! Yeesh ! So other than the slightly strict viewing rules, I highly recommend a visit to this wonderful art experience. Happy Wed, Oop's Thurs!:) Dawn

Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm a sucker for packaging

Sure I didn't need to buy a harmonica, especially when i knew it was going to eventually drive me crazy after my kiddo got ahold of it. But I saw the old fashioned box and I was sold! Thing's were made so charming way back when. Happy Mon!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Old Fashioned Five & Dime

I am like a giddy kiddie, when we find a five & dime store on our travel's. I love an old fashioned store stuffed with everything from old fashioned candy, to union suits, with the button bottom's ,and stack's of straw hat's for $1.99. When we were wee kid's our grandpa used to take us to the local Brown & Son's, which incidentally was owned by Sam Walton pre- billon dollar super store industry. ( post about that later)I bought a hodge podge of stuff, and have to run back later for a must have: Cheap Granny Panties, that I plan to to embroider " Granny Got Back" on em as a gag gift for my mom and grandma. Project soon to follow,ha! Hope your weekend is fab! :) Dawn

I had one of these when I was little and the eye's, and tail would move side to side and scare the  snot outta me. 
The mighty granny panties!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A series's of misfortunate event's..

I love road trip's. It's nice to get away for a weekend somewhere close, inexpensive and fun to recharge. What I don't love is when your trying to have a relaxing trip and it start's off with a weird thunder, rattle, clitter, clatter, in our vehicle five minute's down the road . Diagnosis from the mechanic, alternator... Blast! Two hour's later, back on the road. Then, no lie we were almost creamed not once not twice but three time's by total wreckless driver's, causing screeches, horn honk's and brake slam's, not to mention all of us tense, and on edge. Meanwhile we also had one grandpa M.I.A. ( later found in Walmart perusing the isle's on one of of their motorized cart's for a couple hour's). Finally, it's already bad enough that we have to use grimy gas station bathroom's but when there's a giant spider blocking the way from bladder bloating freedom.. Well that's the last straw! I'm happy to report the only casualty was the spider , and the rest of the day was vastly more pleasant.

Some seriously delish pizza.

The cupcake's here were Cupcake War Worthy!
One of our favorite shop's and blogger'sRed Velvet!
The dressing room's were "super pretty"
Elsie's shop is chocked full of vintage goodness,so pop in if your in  Springfield, and have one of her sister's yummy cupcake's on Fri or Sat!