Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Maxi Dress is my favorite fashion trend

I don't show alot of me in my fashion's because I have gained quite a bit of weight in the last year, and I'm quite the pork chop. Me and Janet Jackson have a lot in common as far as our chameleon-like physical appearance. One month slim and the next month stretchy pant's! You never know from year to year. Ah well, so this year Johnny Cash fashion is my go to outfit's... As in black! That is until I fell in love with the Maxi Dress! They fit every body type, are so comfortable, that you can wear them all day, and still make you feel pretty, and put together. I hope they, and the Wedge Shoe continue to stick around a while! Also as you can see I'm really diggin the native pattern's. What's your fave style dress?
I added a vintage Sarah Coventry necklace,silver bangle's, large silver hoop earbob's' and a dramatic eye, and I felt pretty shnazzy!
Cotton,jersey, comfort, Ah the Maxi Dress!


  1. maxi dresses and skirts also
    great fashion trend
    have a nice and stylish week darling
    come and say Hi,
    The Dolls Factory

  2. Haha, 'Johnny Cash fashion' -- love that! Such a pretty dress!