Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer's Beautiful Bounty

It's another roasting hot 98 degree day today in the Midwest, and we have an outdoor Bridal Shower/Picnic to go to.... Yikes....
While the heat may slow us down it doesn't slow down the summer garden's that thrive with a little water and reach for the summer sun and give us gorgeous varieties of fruits and veggie's. 
I will be taking advantage of the splendid heirloom tomato, and taking a pasta salad based on Pioneer Woman's recipe, that will have an abundance of these refreshing babies. 
I think this will be a tasty cool dish on this  scorcher of a day! 
Stay cool and happy !!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Favorite Fix

If I have a little change jangling in my pocket and I need a little fix then my eyes start scanning the road for handmade neon signage that says "Garage Sale!"
It's a treasure hunt that is oh so gratifying even if you find just one thing, and if you get it for 50 cent's or a dollar or two that makes it even sweeter. This outing with my sister had me checking off a couple thing's on my list of Must Find's, and along with a hearty farm style breakfast with our outta town family, it turned out to be a lovely day! 

These painting's were straight out of my Pinterest category  of Favorite Places and Spaces! They were just waiting for me,and I snagged em for a mere buck a piece! They are the start of a future collage!

The clasp on this lemony yellow triple strand necklace was the selling point for me. I think I eill wear it with a plum dress today. My wardrobe is sounding very fruity  eh?

Hello one dollar Brady Bunch waste basket to place beside my desk!

And  you ! You gorgeous Belgian tin are coming home with mama to make some new cuff's!

Yep you too!

And yet another find for a Pinterest project. Little clothespin people will be made to ride on cardboard painted animal's for the little niece! Oh what jolly fun!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wood burned dolly blocks

Ever since I saw this wood burned project I have been anxious to make some with my wee little niece who makes the cutest drawing's of little people. It was a jolly good  project on this drowsy summer day. I had her draw little people and use some color with pencil's. Then I sat on my back deck and burned their outlines, while my little bean Izzy continued to draw while humming and singing little song's in her little voice. I love day's like this! Happy Thursday!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Just me, my paint's and a good flick.

Lately I have had the hankering to paint while I watch a movie, a "quiet time for me "movie when I can enjoy all the detail's, scenery and costumes .  House Of Flying Daggers was my movie of choice tonight and it is beautifully done. It was a bit tragic but really good nonetheless. And oh my word, the male lead is a real hunka hunka! One of the few times I thought a man with hair as long as mine to be smokin hot !whew ! anyhoo ..I loved the forest scenes so much that I felt like sketching some similar and added a pretty garbed lady in the tightly treed forest. Hope your having a great weekend!