Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Little Glass Vial Necklace

Over the extended weekend I finally tackled one of my numerous intended project's. I bought one of those trinket holding cork topped vial's, and gathered different vintage bit's, and some silver chain, and fining's and came up with a necklace for myself . I can add additional vial's on chains as I like later. But for now , I am pleased with the outcome! Happy Wednesday!:) Dawn

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My childhood favorite read's are still tried and true today

Some book's you can read over and over. It's like your favorite movie, your softest p.j's, and a batch of warm cookies. Can you say comforting?

That's just how I feel when I read the tales spun by Maude Hart Lovelace. Simple time's with good clean fun , and character's that have stuck with me since I was a wee lass!
If your interested in a simple sweet read based on the author's real life friend's and victorian era adventures, well then I highly recommend you grab a cup of tea, and something tasty, and relax with a good read! Happy Tuesday!:)
This is how girl's would go out way back..adorable!And below is the author and her girlfriend's who many character's were based. I love this entire serie's!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer time outfit, my style

Dress Mossimo for Target, thrifted vintage bag, thrifted leather shoes, necklace ,bracelet,earring's vintage thrifted.Leather belt,thrifted. Star headband handmade by me. Ring's, vintage from my gram.
Well here's my version of the perfect mix of vintage, new, and thrifted, that make's a girl feel pretty, and unique at the same time. Mind you I also feel just as comfy in a handmade T-shirt and my pair of turquoise coi fish "Chuck's". But I am finding more and more, I like a simple dress and sandal's. What's your favorite style?

These delicate  little carved earring's were an ironic perfect match with the necklace bought at another thrifting excursion.
Happy Monday to you all!:) Dawn

Sunday, May 27, 2012

We ladies love our accessories.

Particularly purses, and bag's for me. Don't you find that when shopping for new attire, sometimes nothing fit's right, look's right or feel's right. But when all else fail's we can alway's find accessories to feed our fix.

I have a big love of vintage bag's and jewelry, and my closets are about 75% vintage and or thrifted, no joke. I'll be sure to feature my love's from time to time. But for today I have Summer Straw's. Nothing say's summertime, more than a straw bag to compliment your outfit. Here are a few of mine.

Tommorow I will "my style" an outfit with one. Happy,wonderful weekend!

I love the detail's of silk and velvet flower's, gold seashell's and beadwork! Very shabby chic!
It it just me or did they make the buckle to look like an owl?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

When I get an idea in my noggin..

..Sometimes I gotta go get the supplies to make it right away, or if I'm particularly fortunate I can find everything I need in all my stash at home.
And i just so happened to have all I needed the other day when I decided to make one of those outdoor hanging flower bags that cost's an arm and a leg,and an armpit,heh. I was looking at one draped over a neighbors balcony and (lightbulb moment!) Hey , I could make one myself outta sturdy landscaping liner that you put under gravel etc. it looks nicer and is sturdier than the plastic bag they use, it can be sewn, and it drains great.
Mind you this is my version, but I have to say.. Not bad , not bad .

I used about a 3ft by 2.5ft piece of landscape fabric,also cut 2 strip's for strap's. And don't forget a large sturdy hook,properly attached.

Mark where you want your plants and cut criss cross opening's to insert plants.
Put plants from front to back roots first...Just follow the finger puppet.

Fold it in half where you only have to sew up the sides. Oh and to reinforce , I rolled the top 1/2inch and sewed.I used a zigzag stitch for all. Also sew straps doubly good.

Have a terrific long weekend!!:) Dawn

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A peek at project in progress.

I do many form's of art. But one I don't do often are mural's. One they take immense amounts of time(especially when doing an entire room, and two, they really take a toll on your neck , back and feet. Michelangelo , you were beyond amazing!

Pain in my neck or no, when I do take one on, I find it very satisfying to transform a plain white room into a dreamy little world. It's amazing what you can do with a little paint , brush, and a giant blank canvas. I'll be sure to share when I am complete. For now, have a peek!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Four kid's, two Chica's and a big truck..

What do you do on a beautiful day, when you have a truck load of kiddo's, and two bargain hunting sister's? ... Let's just say if we found a bumper sticker that said "Will Stop For Garage Sales", it would be plastered on our bumper, by golly!

And even though my good natured sister Vintage Honeybee, put up with alot of guff about her driving.. ( she needed a booster seat in that big ol' truck) we had a blast, kids hunting for 25 cent bargains, and us momma's finding a few of our own.

My rapid scan, radar eye's spotted one of my sister's must find item's before we even came to a full stop..a vintage record player! She squeeled, and snagged it for a mere, 3 smackerel's!

That set the tone for a fantastic weekend! Along with, big breakfast's watermelon at the park, and other family togetherness, we had good times! How was your weekend?
The grin of victory!

Some lil ol' grandpa's boyhood marble's.

A 1970's Crissy Doll for 20 buck's, too rich for my blood.
Pretty jazzed about my old, new leather, Native American pattern backpack!
A few sweet item's: vintage mother of pearl pin(i can see as a bracelet),a 14 k gold necklace..need i say more,and a kool gentleman's,initialed pocketknife on a fob,very MadMenesque!
Happy Monday!..Alright, Happy almost Tuesday!:) Dawn

Friday, May 18, 2012

Time with fam is good times!

We like to spend our weekend's with family, as in cousin's , sister's, mom, grandma's,oh and we like to start the weekend with takeout Chinese and gourmet Jilly's cupcakes. Have a happy, happy weekend!:) Dawn