Saturday, May 5, 2012

Book fair? Why yes please!

Oh how I love the written word! I understand we live in the time of technology, and eventually all will be virtual, but call me old fashioned, I will alway's love the comfort of a real book my hand. I still weep for the loss of my Border's bookstore, and will be at my local Barnes and Noble faithful till the end....
You can't tell by this pic,but the fair was easily 10 times what you see.

And even when these places are no more, I feel certain there will still continue to be book fair's to enjoy! And enjoy them I do, especially a certain ginormous one I have attended a many a year .
This time I had my sister and nieces as well ,and by the look on Meggie's face, as the heaven's parted and the angel's sang... I think she especially had a great time . I know I alway's find literary treasure's, well at least they are to me! Hope you have an enjoyable weekend!;) Dawn
I absolutely adore the beautiful cover of this book!

These were illustated by the famous Howard Christy, known for his" Christy Girl's".

I made a little gasp when I discovered this pic in the book aptly titled An Old  Sweetheart Of Mine. Was she someone's? I can only wonder...
This was an awesome art deco designed business magazine , interviewing the  wealthy John Jacob Astor...pre- Titanic.


  1. Great blog! I LOVE your Spanish dancer blog banner! =)

    1. Thankyou Hope!Your kind comment is totally reassuring,and you've made my day!xoxo Dawn