Saturday, May 12, 2012

The most wonderful time of the year .. Garage sale time!

Sorry I have been gone from my blogging the last couple day's. This is a uber busy time of the year for me. But it is also the beginning of garage sale time, and I can't help but twitch with excitement every time I see a hot pink sign at the beginning of a street.
And the weather was perfectly perfect for open garage's spilling out with wonderful second hand ware's.
Armed with my wallet o' one's and change, I found a pretty H&M dress for my sister, a soft yellow spring Gap cardigan,a brand new sealed Food Saver(I had been really wanting one) for only 10 buck's, and these little thrill's...
Are these not the cutest game card's?
Bought this handstitched bedspread  from a lovely English woman, who got it from India.Gonna use as a tablecloth. 
in love with this adorable vintage doggie snow globe

The glass bud vase has raised French writing on the bottom, and the  floral was a mere 25cent's.
One of my favorite sweet storie's as a kid....How are you enjoying your weekend?

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