Monday, May 21, 2012

Four kid's, two Chica's and a big truck..

What do you do on a beautiful day, when you have a truck load of kiddo's, and two bargain hunting sister's? ... Let's just say if we found a bumper sticker that said "Will Stop For Garage Sales", it would be plastered on our bumper, by golly!

And even though my good natured sister Vintage Honeybee, put up with alot of guff about her driving.. ( she needed a booster seat in that big ol' truck) we had a blast, kids hunting for 25 cent bargains, and us momma's finding a few of our own.

My rapid scan, radar eye's spotted one of my sister's must find item's before we even came to a full stop..a vintage record player! She squeeled, and snagged it for a mere, 3 smackerel's!

That set the tone for a fantastic weekend! Along with, big breakfast's watermelon at the park, and other family togetherness, we had good times! How was your weekend?
The grin of victory!

Some lil ol' grandpa's boyhood marble's.

A 1970's Crissy Doll for 20 buck's, too rich for my blood.
Pretty jazzed about my old, new leather, Native American pattern backpack!
A few sweet item's: vintage mother of pearl pin(i can see as a bracelet),a 14 k gold necklace..need i say more,and a kool gentleman's,initialed pocketknife on a fob,very MadMenesque!
Happy Monday!..Alright, Happy almost Tuesday!:) Dawn