Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wedding Signage

Starting now I'm going to be in wedding creative overdrive for my sister in law. So here and there I will try to pop a few of my projects on the ol' blogola!  I've been working on the little signs for the outdoor reception . I used a bundle of wood found thrifting( of course). I gave em a bit of a white wash, and some fun font, and detail's. After all it's all in the detail's right?! Happy Tues!:)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yes Deer!

Can a walk inspire you to make something kitschy kool? Why yes deer, it can! Between the crazy snowy, icy day's we have had a few warm trail walking days. We packed some water and snacks, and had my ma, and some of the cousins join us. The forest was scurrying with little creatures, and some graceful deer standing on the hillsides, and then running through the tree's. Nature is wonderful. After observing the deer, all I could see were deer antlers in the form of branches. I couldn't resist picking up several with the new intent to go home and make a simple ode to our Bambi like friends. And so I did. Have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I whip my braid's round!

My hair is long.. Very long. It enables me to wear many style's, and one of my faves is braided. As far as I can remember I have sported braid's. Little House On the Prairie style, to the side , one long in back, in a low bun with a flower, french braided in front and pulled back, Princess Leah style with a twist( I'll show you that someday) and like I did today.
Be brave my friend's! Be creative! Shrug off those that say you look like Swiss Miss! And hey Swiss Miss was cute anyway! My sister Vintage Honeybee likes to wear her mane like this and has a easy tutorial, so grab your brush and bobbie's and go for it! happy weekend all!xo Dawn

Besides, I'm thinkin this is lookin way more Frida, than Swiss!:)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Miso in love with this soup!

I may as well call myself the Soup Guru, since that is the food I love to cook the most! So many varieties, so little time! Today I had time for this Pinterest inspired fragrant and healthy bowl of Miso, with Bok Choy , tiny Beech mushrooms, shallots, edimame, and brown rice noodles. This was very quick to make because I used envelopes of Miso Soup according to directions, then sautéed my Bok, mush, and shallot's in a spoon of sesame oil, and a little water to kinda steam too. Meanwhile I made my noodles, again as package directed, and boiled a handful of edimame (which personally I kinda liked the soup without em better). I put it all together and found it easiest to eat with chopsticks, then drank the broth..Yummy. I could eat different versions of this every week! Happy Thurs! Xo Dawn

The color's are so pretty!

Savoring the last bite!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY Laces and Doily Framed

I have been looking at the space over my couch for three years now, mulling over the fact that the one picture that I have there is very lonely and needed some company. Nothing seemed right, till finally I got a wild hair, a wild idea and found a couple matching new and perfect sized frames. Then all my laces, and doilies were scattered here and there in my studio for another project, and next thing I know I was layering lacyness , grabbed a couple old decorative pin's and a needle and thread to tack down doilies. After it was assembled the way I wanted it, I masking taped it to the back of the frame to hold it down, than stapled it all securely. And then I put it on the wall and breathed a sigh of relief that finally I filled the space, with something that was me:) Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 11, 2013

A thrifting we will go

Over the weekend we hit a few thrift store's to find doilies, lace , and rustic things, for my sister in laws upcoming outdoor wedding. We found lots of goodies for her big day, and lots of treasures for ourselves. It can't be helped, the deals were too tempting. My only bummer was when the spike haired guy in the purple shirt and vest( you know who you are) sold the industrial table I wanted right under my nose. I literally told him I was going to grab my mother in law, to see if we could haul it, when lo and behold not 3 min later he was wheeling otout the doors! Blast!! And what really rubbed salt was the price of only 30 bucks! And then I found some perfect chairs at another thrift the next day for 25 bucks for 6.! oh the awesome makeover i could give them ! I saw a fabby fabu idea on Pinterest . Well I still found plenty, but will woe over the one that got away!

I love Kimono's!! I found another with the real Kimono sleeves too.

I like the woodgrain look and could change the pad's soo easy, or I could decoupage the back ..hmm

This adorable child's metal stove had baby blue stovetop and was only 5 buck's!

I can Always find dishware for a song!

Had to snatch up this pretty, soft sham, and this barkcloth fabric.

Super cute 70's dress with long ruffle cap sleeves, and a beautifully cut jacket from Paris I could see wearing to a gallery event!

Leather well broke in boots, and a sweet old fashioned fish bowl!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

I know this sound's silly, but I have always wanted to make Whoopie ...Pies! Maybe it's the name, or maybe it's the look, maybe a little of both, all I know is that I finally had my chance when I saw the boxed mix on the shelf at the grocery. No excuse not to because it was easy peasy, just follow the box. I have mainly seen these with a cream cheese filling , but this one was butter, powdered sugar, a little milk, and I added really good vanilla, and whipped it till it was a light creamy texture. It was delicious. I took them to my inlaws for a get together, and they were a crowd pleaser. I would like to try a dark chocolate and peanut butter version.. Mmm. Happy weekend all!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Banner's and Beauties

Still being in the banner making frame of mind, I made a mini to add to my watercolored Victorian ladies collage. It was an original old magazine pic that I colorized , and added a background made from some vintage green and white eyelet fabric I love( more on eyelet later). The banner is made of old 40s and 50's quilting fabric and bits of lace. I think it turned out dandy! ( yep I said dandy) now I just want to find a box or something to showcase them in hmmm..oh and i put some of my favorite velvet postcard's with it too! anyhoo, Happy Thurs! The weekend is upon us!:-)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Initially your's

Jewelry with initial's on it has been popular for some time. It's classic and personal, and very, very easy to make a piece for yourself or as a gift. I found some great lower case letters and grabbed all my sisters initials , and one for myself. Also some chain, clasp, and jump rings. If your still worried about your jewelry making skills, the hobby shop has ready made chain's, so you just put initial on jump ring and slide on chain. Either way this project is instant satisfaction! Happy Tuesday!

This one is appropriately for my sister Vintage Honeybee:)