Thursday, February 14, 2013

Miso in love with this soup!

I may as well call myself the Soup Guru, since that is the food I love to cook the most! So many varieties, so little time! Today I had time for this Pinterest inspired fragrant and healthy bowl of Miso, with Bok Choy , tiny Beech mushrooms, shallots, edimame, and brown rice noodles. This was very quick to make because I used envelopes of Miso Soup according to directions, then sautéed my Bok, mush, and shallot's in a spoon of sesame oil, and a little water to kinda steam too. Meanwhile I made my noodles, again as package directed, and boiled a handful of edimame (which personally I kinda liked the soup without em better). I put it all together and found it easiest to eat with chopsticks, then drank the broth..Yummy. I could eat different versions of this every week! Happy Thurs! Xo Dawn

The color's are so pretty!

Savoring the last bite!


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  2. That looks awesome. My stomach is growling.

  3. Yummer-doodle-dandy I wanna try this too. I love those wee little mushrooms.