Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Nifty Things

The week has once again flown by at a dizzying pace, yet I still found three thing's to slow down and enjoy...
A gift from here alway's make's me giddy! Thankyou Em!

Especially when it's a beauty of a notebook from the wonderful Rifle Paper Co.
So needed a fix at Ulta, and found it with my fave matte lipstick's by NYX
Also lovin  this new citrus scented stick,to use on dry patches, or as a light perfume byNaples Soap Co. Happy Thurs!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Aviary Cafe and Creperie

If you are ever going through Springfield Missouri, and want a delicious lunch in a delightfully artsy -cozy atmosphere, then pop in at Aviary Cafe and Creperie!

This was a tasty tip from Elsie at "A Beautiful Mess" and it did not disappoint !
We loved every yummy dish we ordered, including the crepes. And you have to use the powder room ... It was decorated so cute and clever, that I am sure they have problem's getting people outta there!
So trust me when I say this is a must try! Happy Wed. Dawn

The seating was comfy, and bepillowed!

Peaches and Cream filled with marscarpone ,topped with creme anglaise, and whipped cream, heavenly.

Pommes  Frittes with aioli, and truffle oil..yum, yum and yum.
Traditional Funky Monkey
A delish Steak and wild mushroom savory crepe, and Provencal white bean's, hand's down the best I have ever had!

Inside the "Ladie's"

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Make your own napkin's

A good use for scrap's of fabric is to sew up some easy peasy napkin's to daintily pat the corner's of your mouth at the din din table! Or even better, you could whip a mismatched set as a wedding shower, or house warming gift! (I know, I am high five-in you right now!) All you need is: several 12x12 or 14x14 cotton squares of patterned fabric of your choice.
- I also used a thrifted white pattern on pattern fabric for one side of my napkins for consistency.
- sewing machine, and ,or needle and thread . That's it!
1) sew your two squares together, right sides in. ( be sure to leave about an inch or so open so you can flip your napkins right side out.
2) Flip fabric right side out and hand sew opening closed. Iron them all pretty ,if you like.
And now forgo that paper towel, and feel a little special by using a "real "napkin! Happy Tuesday! Dawn


Friday, July 20, 2012

The Lakehouse

Well here we are at another weekend, and I'm just getting to last weekend. We love getting together at my sister Rachel's lakehouse, which ironically I didn't get a pic of this time(but you can see it at her blog).

It's very comfy,relaxing, and the kid's have a blast! Especially this time while out tubing.
We were to tear's laughing at their little selves hanging on with expression's that ranged from saucer eye's to serious snarls of determination, and of course plenty oh grin's. But the way they bounced across the wave's ,leg's flying while hanging on was downright hysterical!

Along with pulling over to swim in a cove, and plenty of laugh's and snack's, and a game of crazy eight's, I can tell you we all sawed log's that night! It's really nice when your family is your best friend's:) have a lovely and wonderful weekend Dawn

Puttin on the tuff stuff look ready for take off!

No Peeking!:0
Have a wonderful weekend

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Book's on my nightstand

I'm a big reader, but I have to admit that since having a sweet child nine year's ago, I haven't read a big, fat ,stay up half the night 1000 pager. Who flippen has time anymore?
Now I relish the quick satisfaction of a magazine. Or maybe ,just maybe , the luxury of a swift 220 page read like the little quirky ol tale called The Egg and I. If you haven't seen the old movie of the same name, your missing out on a real treat. It is a hoot with Ma & Pa kettles introduction to the big screen.

If you'd like a sweetly unusual yet interactive book, then there is my fave Emily Martin's "Paper Doll Primer".

And finally for when my little turkey want's to stall hittin the sack , I have 2 great , ( and speedy) read's based on art. One is called, The Yellow House based on Vincent Van Gogh, and Paul Gauguin, and the other on one of my fave children's book's "Babar" the elephant, but he's exploring an art museum.
No matter how little time I have anymore, I still thoroughly enjoy small comfort's like these. What's your must read's?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My vintage dress collection grows

When in the thrift's ,and vintage clothes shop's I alway's have my eye's peeled for the 1950's house mum dresses. You know, the kind you would see on Mama on the Walton's, along with many other hard working ladies of the 50's while they were tending the garden or canning in the kitchen. I love the print's and sweet detail's. Personally i like to pair them with old cowboy boots ,and a denim jacket, or a sweater. And i'm looking forward to having a closet full of these frock's or at least make some beautie's like Dottie Angel one day!Happy Wednesday ! Dawn

Bricbrac arm cuff's, and purple plaid with a tie or bow lapel

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July is always tomato time

As I have previously mentioned, we are in a drought this summer, many garden's have burnt up, but I have still managed to get my summer time tomato fix via farmer's markets and my dad even kindly brought some for me from his garden( too cute!) so I have enjoyed my b.l.t's, and made a delicious pot of Marga( middle eastern stew) with my mater's and other fresh garden produce. Hope your enjoying, the summer's bounty in some way yourself! Cheerio!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Eve at the Lantern Festival

Sorry my posts have been sketchy lately. We have been busy bee's, and running alot ,with my dad, and aunt in town. One awesome treat we had was to go see the delicate and beautiful oriental lanterns on special display at The Botanical Gardens. They lit them in the evening, which came earlier than planned because of the big storm that rolled in and have us a much needed soaker! No one minded one bit! , we just kept singing in the rain!enjoy! The pic's don't do it justice!