Thursday, July 19, 2012

Book's on my nightstand

I'm a big reader, but I have to admit that since having a sweet child nine year's ago, I haven't read a big, fat ,stay up half the night 1000 pager. Who flippen has time anymore?
Now I relish the quick satisfaction of a magazine. Or maybe ,just maybe , the luxury of a swift 220 page read like the little quirky ol tale called The Egg and I. If you haven't seen the old movie of the same name, your missing out on a real treat. It is a hoot with Ma & Pa kettles introduction to the big screen.

If you'd like a sweetly unusual yet interactive book, then there is my fave Emily Martin's "Paper Doll Primer".

And finally for when my little turkey want's to stall hittin the sack , I have 2 great , ( and speedy) read's based on art. One is called, The Yellow House based on Vincent Van Gogh, and Paul Gauguin, and the other on one of my fave children's book's "Babar" the elephant, but he's exploring an art museum.
No matter how little time I have anymore, I still thoroughly enjoy small comfort's like these. What's your must read's?

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