Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why not sport a Turban?

For some time now I have been intrigued by Turbans, but the only ones I have come across are" new " (as opposed to vintage) thick red velvet ones that I would go for but for the fact that when I tried it on I looked like a cheezy version of a fortune teller, not very stylish.
Fast forward to a recent artsy/crafty Green With Indie Craft Show  we went to where I found the perfect, fabulous fitting Turban which I instantly purchased and wore on the spot. I received several compliments that day which then egged me on to find out how to make them myself.
After a bit of You Tube searching I found my exact style I purchased. 
After a quick trip to the fabric store, I set to snipping and sewing and then I popped it on my noggin and briskly headed for mirror .... Success!!!! 
Aaaand then I cranked out several more and am quite obsessed. 
Lovely Roz at Clothes, Camera's and Coffee, I thought of you as I made these, as you are a long haired beauty who always look's smashing in one. I nod my Turban to you, and wish you and everyone a...
Happy, happy, Thursday:)

This was the one I became smitten with from the Green With Indie Show

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Watercolor to relax

I've been down with a lousy cold this past week, and when I started finally feeling better I felt like cracking open my watercolor paint box and just painting willy nilly. All it takes is a blank book of crisp white paper to entice me to start playing.... Happy Tuesday

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring has sprung dress.

Well hello again! Yes I have been gone for some time. I got into a bit of a blog funk and needed a break. I have also had the winter doldrums , case in point: yesterday was gloriously sunny and 70 with people running in short's, walking their dog's, eating at cafe's al fresco , playing at the park... Today is 33 with the wind's howling like a pack of wolves, ice and snow, people squirreled back inside wondering what tha? Was yesterday a spring dream of wishful yearning? ( yeah I'm feeling dramatic today) 

Well enough is enough I say! Perhaps if I make a new spring inspired dress I can at least have a new frock to look forward to wearing when the warm sun finally decides to fight the winter for its right's to spring! 

And so I did.

Vintage yard's of cotton floral fabric found thrifted, some perfectly matched old seam binding also found in a second hand shop, some yellow ochre silky ribbon, and an old but beautiful hanky I picked up long ago for 50 cents at a garage sale finally found its purpose as it was all clipped, snipped, pinned , and sewed into this simple garment that I will likely pair with a light cardi, and sandals. 

Now if a new dress doesn't cheer up a girl with the winter blues I don't know what will!