Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Six Layer's plus a Rainbow equal's a Bridal Cake

Doesn't that just sound like a quirky title to a book?...hmmm..
Oh hey, anyhoo, one of the best cakes I ever made was for my little sister in law Lacey's bridal shower I threw for her at my casa. I'm no pro baker, but when I get an idea in my head to make something be it a hand built clay planter I got an idea for, a skirt that that I dreamt about or all the colorful cakes I see on Pinterest, you better bet your hot cross bun's I'm gonna figure out how to make it. And so I did. 
Thank's to my awesome right hand wo-man my sister Rachel, we successfully elecuted that towering six layered rainbow wonder, then frosted it with hand tinted turquoise blue frosting and voila! It was an ooh and ahhh moment whe we cut into that baby and all the multi-colored layer's were revealed. The best part was making the little bride to be happy and her day absolutely memorable. This cake needed to be illustrated in my sketchy book even if just to look back and remember that happy day😊

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