Saturday, December 27, 2014

El Tigre

Ever since I saw Pee Wee's Big Adventure I wanted his awesome tiger he sported on the handle bars of his bike. I've looked online an haven't found one thus far..bummer. Meantime I love tiger's and old circus animals and images, probably because my great grandfather was a lion trainer and his son my grandfather was a monkey trainer and did wonderful shows and was an artist as well who painted his own prop's and scenery. It was a child's dream to spend time with my grandpa and be behind the scenes with him at the zoo. Anyhoo I'm getting all nostalgic and I just really wanted to come up with a fun tiger drawing that I can possibly print on fabric and make myself a garment. Here's a few with some potential, either way I enjoyed this days sketch.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Birdie on a Bottle

I'm a bird lover, so no doubt you will see many in my new sketchbook project. I feed lots of little tweet's on my back deck and thus have constant inspiration. My Grammy and I made little terrarium's and other little nature craft's when I would come stay  over and this watercolor remind's me of those lovely times with her.
Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

In my sketch book

Ok so i have sketchbook's galore yet have not one complete, so I am going to try my darnedest to fill an entire book with what I will call artistic discipline. I feel the need to train myself to not only stimulate my creativity if possible on a daily basis but also fight the procrastinator in me and eventually hold an entire work in my paint bespeckled little hands. I admire so many artist's who have volumes of work and so here I go with mine. Oh and since time has always been a giant factor in my willy nilly ways, I'm going to try to give myself 30-60 min max so I can motivate myself to squeeze art in as much as possible! Aaaand page one starts with me watching Emma and admiring the dance and all the lovely gown's and here's my take.
 Happy( and hopefully an artsy) day to you!

Friday, December 12, 2014

An Ode To Dottie Angel

Oh Dottie Angel how I love your cheery, comfy, colorful frocks!
So much I admire them that I will try with all my might to make my own, with my limited sewing skills( as I just snip and sew on the fly) . 
I try to wait patiently for that day ( hopefully soon) when your patterns make their grand debut... But alas.. Until then I find that I am constantly tempted at the  Store Ala Fabrique ( totally made that up- aka: The Fabric Store) and all its bolts and bolts of vintagey florals, calicos, and other goody goodnesses ! 
 I finally just give in, purchase my yardage, then carry on to the Casa where I rummage through my stash of real vintage textiles, laces and notions and then plunk down all on the studio floor and let the vision (albeit simple)begin. 
Add an unusual pocket made from an old  fabric sample and a wonderful handmade lace collar from my Grammy ( I attached it with snaps for careful wear) and I found I was pleased as punch at my not so pretty as yours but uniquely me and wearable frock of my own. I shall wear it proudly and think of you , and thank you indeed for your inspiring way's and wares.
 Oh so sincerely, Dawn

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sweet face in clay

Here's another little character I made in clay that I find to be so soft and sweet in features that I know she was a kindly Queen who won her Kingdom over with her rosy cheeks and abundant wisdom.... Ok I may have gotten a little carried away with my clay but I really enjoyed making her anyhoo! Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Art Quirk

"What kind of art do you do ", people ask. I answer " Potter, painter, candle stick maker", otherwise whatever medium strikes my fancy that moment.

I have practically tried almost every typical art form except glass blowing ( on my creative bucket list). Sometimes I wish I could stick with one thing, at the least it would save me dough and studio space! But alas I cannot. 

When I look around me I see things that inspire me daily and I never know till that moment whether it will be in clay, metal, paint or textile, all I know is that when I get the buzz I have to make whatever it is right then while I have the art mojo.

 These character's appeared under my earthen covered finger tip's after I melded thought's of deer out in the crisp fall forest's ,and primitive, almost folk art bust's both antique and modern that I have long admired. 

So Art Work that is my Art Quirk this may be but I am pleased with my colorful, and exotic creatures and my mind "for now" is calm till the next artful urge strikes! 

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Well here she is. Here is Elouise and how I imagined her in color. As soon as I painted a rosey cheeked smile on her face I too had a smile of satisfaction and continued to let the paint and brushes reveal her sweetness. One of the  last thing's to paint was her dress and I love a good blue and red combination! Finally her bouquet of flower's and she was complete. I really enjoyed painting her, and will miss her when she goes to a new home but in the mean time I will admire her on my sideboard and paint another hopefully right away to keep her company. Xox

Monday, July 14, 2014

A painting I will go..

.. A painting I will go, high ho the merry oh, a painting I will go!!
Excited to be done sketching my newest inspiration. I absolutely adore lost, and forlorn old photos of people that I don't know but can look and just imagine how they felt in that moment of time. For instance, this lovely lady is in I imagine a park like setting in the 50's according to her hair and dress. The dress is sprinkled with maybe blue, pink, and yellow flowers , and she is holding a freshly cut bouquet that perhap's her sweetheart just gave her maybe taking the picture because he wanted a momento of his girl and her lovely smile at that very moment. 
Ahh, I know I am totally reading into it. But what I do know is someone once cared for this person enough to want to capture it, and that is something I appreciate and feel compelled to save and sometimes reinvent their forgotten face's with paint, brush and care. 
Have a wonderful week. Xo Dawn

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm all about the theme

Quirky it may be but I occasionally really enjoy doing things according to a theme. 
Examples: Why not make ratatouille while watching Ratatouille , or have family over for a Nacho Bar decorated with luchadores  while watching Nacho Libre. 
I find it jolly fun. So a gift is needed for my 14 yr old niece who is crazy about Jane Austen and all forms of classical movies etc... Totally my cup o' tea, and the perfect excuse to pull together a theme gifty. I shopped for components for an Initial necklace that even "Emma "
would love. I couldn't help but make two after I couldn't decide on colors and charm's.
And of course I had to include one of my fave Austen movies. Now I just need to go thrifting ( tough job eh) to find her a tea cup to put a variety of tea bag's in, and pack it all up in a box wrapped with brown paper and tied with twine like an old fashioned general store. Can you tell how much I get into creative gift giving? Happy Wed!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bracelet Trio

My friend Em always wears the prettiest, delicate jewelry. She really knows what looks good on her. Recently she wore a lovely stack of gold's and trinkets  that made me want some of my own. Now I'm not the biggest fan of gold jewelry but brushed or antique finish gold is more my style so I gathered my materials and made my own trio. I love that it looks so pulled together as a group or can be worn individually , win, win, and win!
Oh and of course I'll make some for shows!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bow Ties for the dashing!

I have had bow ties on my son before bow ties became dashing fashion. I have always been one for vintage style since the beginning of my ability to choose my own style. And as its still not easy to find ties in kiddo size with the patterns I like, I decided to figure out how to make them on my own. I gotta say it still takes some time to make but oh the possibilities, especially when they are perfect for awesome vintage remnant's. Skye as well wants to make ones for kid's and I am making adults as well. They will be splendidly packaged and available at the Vintage Peddler show this fall. So be prepared to to stand out as one snappy dresser! Hmmm ties for the genteel lady?... I better get to work...

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Puttin on my Painting Shoes

Some artist's have a well loved smock they put on before they get their art on, other's , a favorite splattered Tee, other's , that one pair of jean's you use to wipe your brush on. Me? I have had all the above but lately I have been  encouraged to paint when I sport my paint splotch shoes. And I'm gonna wear them quite often this summer as I prepare for a particular show this fall called The Vintage Peddler which I'm supa dupa excited to be a part of and will share detail's and peek's at my project's and wares I will have in the show as I go along. To start here's some pretty posies painted with acrylic on salvaged wood that resulted while wearing my comfy painting shoes! Have a wonderful day! Xx Dawn

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Vintage Market Day's

Recently my gal pal's and I went to a vintage market, kinda like a smaller version of the Country Living fair. We found a lot of good scores. I picked up a shweet plaid picnic set, and a great little vin suitcase for my sisters collection. We had great food truck fare and beautiful weather. Chalk another one up for a fab , fabby girl's day out!