Friday, December 12, 2014

An Ode To Dottie Angel

Oh Dottie Angel how I love your cheery, comfy, colorful frocks!
So much I admire them that I will try with all my might to make my own, with my limited sewing skills( as I just snip and sew on the fly) . 
I try to wait patiently for that day ( hopefully soon) when your patterns make their grand debut... But alas.. Until then I find that I am constantly tempted at the  Store Ala Fabrique ( totally made that up- aka: The Fabric Store) and all its bolts and bolts of vintagey florals, calicos, and other goody goodnesses ! 
 I finally just give in, purchase my yardage, then carry on to the Casa where I rummage through my stash of real vintage textiles, laces and notions and then plunk down all on the studio floor and let the vision (albeit simple)begin. 
Add an unusual pocket made from an old  fabric sample and a wonderful handmade lace collar from my Grammy ( I attached it with snaps for careful wear) and I found I was pleased as punch at my not so pretty as yours but uniquely me and wearable frock of my own. I shall wear it proudly and think of you , and thank you indeed for your inspiring way's and wares.
 Oh so sincerely, Dawn

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