Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm all about the theme

Quirky it may be but I occasionally really enjoy doing things according to a theme. 
Examples: Why not make ratatouille while watching Ratatouille , or have family over for a Nacho Bar decorated with luchadores  while watching Nacho Libre. 
I find it jolly fun. So a gift is needed for my 14 yr old niece who is crazy about Jane Austen and all forms of classical movies etc... Totally my cup o' tea, and the perfect excuse to pull together a theme gifty. I shopped for components for an Initial necklace that even "Emma "
would love. I couldn't help but make two after I couldn't decide on colors and charm's.
And of course I had to include one of my fave Austen movies. Now I just need to go thrifting ( tough job eh) to find her a tea cup to put a variety of tea bag's in, and pack it all up in a box wrapped with brown paper and tied with twine like an old fashioned general store. Can you tell how much I get into creative gift giving? Happy Wed!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bracelet Trio

My friend Em always wears the prettiest, delicate jewelry. She really knows what looks good on her. Recently she wore a lovely stack of gold's and trinkets  that made me want some of my own. Now I'm not the biggest fan of gold jewelry but brushed or antique finish gold is more my style so I gathered my materials and made my own trio. I love that it looks so pulled together as a group or can be worn individually , win, win, and win!
Oh and of course I'll make some for shows!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bow Ties for the dashing!

I have had bow ties on my son before bow ties became dashing fashion. I have always been one for vintage style since the beginning of my ability to choose my own style. And as its still not easy to find ties in kiddo size with the patterns I like, I decided to figure out how to make them on my own. I gotta say it still takes some time to make but oh the possibilities, especially when they are perfect for awesome vintage remnant's. Skye as well wants to make ones for kid's and I am making adults as well. They will be splendidly packaged and available at the Vintage Peddler show this fall. So be prepared to to stand out as one snappy dresser! Hmmm ties for the genteel lady?... I better get to work...

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Puttin on my Painting Shoes

Some artist's have a well loved smock they put on before they get their art on, other's , a favorite splattered Tee, other's , that one pair of jean's you use to wipe your brush on. Me? I have had all the above but lately I have been  encouraged to paint when I sport my paint splotch shoes. And I'm gonna wear them quite often this summer as I prepare for a particular show this fall called The Vintage Peddler which I'm supa dupa excited to be a part of and will share detail's and peek's at my project's and wares I will have in the show as I go along. To start here's some pretty posies painted with acrylic on salvaged wood that resulted while wearing my comfy painting shoes! Have a wonderful day! Xx Dawn