Sunday, September 30, 2012

One buck infinity scarves

When my sister Rachel and my nieces come over for some hang out time, we alway's try to accomplish something art and or crafty.
This time I found some fabric on clearance for one buckarooney a yard and thought: Perfect to try an infinity scarf! What to lose? Who cares if we mess up, it's only a dollar! Well I gotta tell ya, we were pretty sassy to think we would just whip em out in 20 min. It seems simple but we goofed a couple times to get that circle effect.
Of course I never use patterns, I just think it through. ..Don't overthink, because that's when we had to redo. It turned out, finally!I really liked the pattern, and weight of my sister's the most. But if anyone know's a better mouse trap for these babies, please share!:-0 hope your weekend is just what you needed!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ikea Fabric Pillows

While in our last trip to Ikea, my pal Emmy found some fabric she wanted to use along with their down filled pillow forms for her bedroom. I being the novice sewing person took on the project then sat on it so to speak till the mood struck me. Well thank her stars that day was today, especially after she texted me about the new Ikea being built in Kansas City. Lucky Duck's!!!!.
And here's what my afternoon cranked out. Here they come Em! Yours truly, Dawn

I got the good deal buzz!

Don't you get a rush when you get such a good deal on something that it makes you wanna do a jig in the middle of the store? Ok so maybe that's just me... And maybe you don't get psyched about a grocery shopping excursion but in this economy your darn straight I'm gonna share a great buy! Today's lesson: Shop early in the morning to get the manager's special's and Unbelievable prices on meat's. I know..who want's to get up early? But I'm talking, after you drop your kiddo off, 9ish early. I can really stock up at this time and it's kinda nice because it's not crowded , and I can be done and have some of my plunder in the crockpot by 10:00. Smart shopping if you can my friend's. So go! Shop! You still have time! Hey just save me some alrighty?! Happy Thursday!:)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Still into my gouache

I'm one of those artist's that work on several project's at at time, especially if I get hung up on one, then I move to another just to keep me motivated.

I have a large acrylic on gallery wrap canvas commission I am working on that's at a bit of a stand still.
So till I get over the slump so to speak, I have been moonlighting my tray of gouache and experimenting on black background's.
Previously I used them on velvet. But here I find that on black paper, the color really pop's, especially with these Poppies( hehheh). I am drawn to the lanky, colorful Poppy fleur. Hope your week will fly by!:)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Green Tree Festival

Now's the time when it seem's almost every weekend has some sort of fair or festival. And I wish I could hit them all!

Nonetheless my sister honeybee and I spent a peachy day just the two of us, perusing our local festival, enjoying the wonderfully inspiring art's and craft's while listening to darn good band's.

We also really enjoyed the book fair pavilion. We went on Sunday so they were offering 4 free cookbook's of choice per person! I say yes please!
And oh the food booths! What to choose..Gyro? Nacho? Root beer float? Funnel cake?? No matter the choice, alway's a guilty pleasure!

By the end of the day, we have our little purchases, arm's full of book's and belly's full,indigestion immenent. But oh what a jolly good time! Happy week to ya! :) Dawn
Adorable finger puppet's for a buck fifty each! What a deal. I bought for my niece .My fave: Little Red Ridinghood!
Really kool metal garden flower's! Very Alice in Wonderland!

A pretty book I bought.I enjoy the title.
Hello Baklava sundae! Yum!

Yep. Gyro it is!
Stoked to find a sweet Shawn Cassidy record! Oh yayah! Oh and I love my bracelet's from the Equadorian stand!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

When Fall is in the air

Can't you just smell it in the cool crisp morning? It's that change, and feel in the air when Fall is making it's arrival. It's time for squirrel's to scamper up the tree's with their forage of winter store's. And time to put our fave ol faithful sweater's at the ready for the chill that's just around the corner. When summer's floral's are now replaced with mum's of in Autumn's color's. Oh how I love the pumpkin's ,squash and Indian corn too! I never tire of their varieties of color, shape and texture. I look forward to the changing leave's, with a cup of cocoa in my hand's...happy Fallish Weekend!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grilled Caprese sandwich

Yep, you read that right. I picked a delicious looking sandwich on Pinterest to make for a quick meal tonight. I love a Caprese salad, so this clever sammy was a no brainer. Simple ingredients: pesto, farm stand tomato, mozzarella or another cheese you prefer, and some good bread. Mmmm, paired up with a bowl of soup , and there u have it! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Well I love a rainy night...

..Such a beautiful sight .
I love to feel the rain on my face
To taste the rain on my lip's
In the moonlight shadow..

After a summer of drought, Eddie Rabbitt's song start's humming cheerily behind my lip's when I see the dark cloud's squeeze out those earthquenching droplet's.
And then I instantly go into gopher mode.. I gopher into my curtain drawn, cozy burrow, light some good smelling candles, find a good ol' movie, grab a stack of rag mag's, and gopher a bowl of Edy's pumpkin pie icecream ( contributing to my Mae West figure) but for love of all that is decadent it's mighty tasty!
And that my friend's is why... I love a rainy night.. Hmm hmm lalalala la la la! Lovely eve to ya! Dawn

1927 silent film: Sunrise. I was seriously teary. I need to buy this movie! 

Too late, empty bowl! It was that good!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

What do ya want for ten cents ..

Just thought I would share some great old 70's paper placemat's I picked up at a garage sale for 10 cents. What fun for a mere dime! The color's and pattern's are so wonderful ! Now my only problem will be forcing myself to use them! Since they are paper, I don't want them to get messed up! Ah well, I see them being used for a brunch with clear glass plates. Again great fun for what you'd find in your couch cushion's! Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why not I say..

I like quirky jewelry. And when I saw a odd yet cute component at the craft store, I could not resist making myself a little ol' necklace. And here she be! Happy Wed!:)

Monday, September 10, 2012

When the goin isn't goin, you stay home and paint!

Well my plan's this weekend went nowhere, when I came down with a cold, and broke a belt on my car tire.

I was bummed particularly because it was a beautiful weekend to get out and do my usual routine, and I missed one of my top three art fair's with friends....I wallowed in my sorrow's by cracking open a new set of Gouache paint's and grabbed some velvet paper and tried to gain some respect beyond " The Velvet Elvis". Did it work?

"Fireflies warm glow in a night sky"

I gotta say, it was tough to work with these two medium's together.
Meanwhile, my Skye got his draw on with a awesome product by Crayola.

They are window marker's, that while drying, crystallize before your eyes, and resemble stained glass! Too fun!

Fall Squirrel
 So I guess the weekend wasn't an entire bust? Lovely week to you!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Time for snuggle up, fall food's

When fall start's to display dark ,cloudy rainy day's, then I start to feel like baking and cooking cozy meal's.
Not so good for the figure, but o' so tasty for the soul!
Barefoot Contessa is alway's reliable for her hubby's favorite (thus tried and true )oven roasted chicken recipes. I used her Perfect Roasted Chicken version..Yum!
To accompany, I made simple steamed broccoli with butter , salt and pepper.

And the real star of the meal was Contessa's Bread Pudding that I jotted down off her show but also found for you here. How many of you have wanted to make a bread pudding? I know I have for ages, so I finally found out how easy and tasty it is!
I did want to mention that you want the custard to really be soaked, and almost swimming around the bread.
Also I tweaked her recipe by adding a vanilla sauce from this version, that totally made it perfect. I hope you will try these , and save em for a rainy day!
Bubbing vanilla sauce! Dont overcook, or it will breakdown, and you will need to whisk!
My little man's meal served on his handpainted plate he made.
Hope your having a wonderful weekend! ;) Dawn

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Diy Oversized slouch shirt

Sorry I have been slow to post this week:(! Busy , but I managed to get a just for me project done.
With cooler temps around the corner, I have wanted to make an oversized long sleeved shirt with the neck cut to slouch off your shoulder..( very Flashdance!)
And I wanted it comfy to wear with leggings.
I snagged a cheap 7.99 men's T from Wally World and with my scissors, Tulip Soft Fabric paint's, a foam roller, and my hand carved " I 've got my eye on you stamp's" I came up with this. Eye am in love with the results.. Heh heh!

Happy Thursday!!