Saturday, September 22, 2012

When Fall is in the air

Can't you just smell it in the cool crisp morning? It's that change, and feel in the air when Fall is making it's arrival. It's time for squirrel's to scamper up the tree's with their forage of winter store's. And time to put our fave ol faithful sweater's at the ready for the chill that's just around the corner. When summer's floral's are now replaced with mum's of in Autumn's color's. Oh how I love the pumpkin's ,squash and Indian corn too! I never tire of their varieties of color, shape and texture. I look forward to the changing leave's, with a cup of cocoa in my hand's...happy Fallish Weekend!


  1. I'm waiting for autumn weather to hit us here in LA. It's still 100 degrees!

    1. Yeesh! Caliente!On the other end o the spectrum, my other sister is in Wisconsin,and already had the 20's at night!