Sunday, September 30, 2012

One buck infinity scarves

When my sister Rachel and my nieces come over for some hang out time, we alway's try to accomplish something art and or crafty.
This time I found some fabric on clearance for one buckarooney a yard and thought: Perfect to try an infinity scarf! What to lose? Who cares if we mess up, it's only a dollar! Well I gotta tell ya, we were pretty sassy to think we would just whip em out in 20 min. It seems simple but we goofed a couple times to get that circle effect.
Of course I never use patterns, I just think it through. ..Don't overthink, because that's when we had to redo. It turned out, finally!I really liked the pattern, and weight of my sister's the most. But if anyone know's a better mouse trap for these babies, please share!:-0 hope your weekend is just what you needed!

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