Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Quality Cousin Time

In our big hugemungous family we have lots of cousin's. Funny enough I have almost 80 first and second cousin's on one side and 2 on the other. Nutsy eh? So needless to say we are pretty close, and the kid's are the best of friend's. We do quite alot of fun stuff together like movies, bookstore, sleepovers, cooking, art's and craft's, bowling, etc, etc. here's a couple example's on weekend's....are you having a goodish week?
Getting a kick outta the giant' pumpkin and squash at ye local Farmers Market

modeling the corn...

Teaching my little cousin to sew and design print her own dress

She was tickled with her new outfit.and I made her a shrug and scarf(not shown ..dang


  1. We are fortunate to have one another

  2. Aw! i love you more than all the chocolate in the world! And that's saying something!