Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'd like to be under the sea... Lala lala

As I was cleaning out my photo library, I came across the K.C. trip Aquarium we visited that adjoined Lego Land. Lemme just say that hand's down the jellyfish were my favorite.
They are the most exquisite water creature's ever made in my opinion. From the translucent tour of their form to the graceful and awe inspiring movement's , I could watch them all day and not tire of their beauty. What a praiseworthy creation!
Along with my next fave, the sea dragon, we found it to be feast for the eye's and a really great aquarium.
Secretly I would love to be a mermaid and explore all the splendor under the sea, and I used to want to be an oceanographer as a kid. Ah well, I will settle for places like this and Discovery channel eh? Happy Thursday!
Remind anyone of Nemo?
A very kool bubble in the tank, for a real fish-eye view!

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