Thursday, May 16, 2013

I never tire of Art Fair 's

Mother's Day weekend features my fave art fair (Laumier Sculpture Park) and I haven't missed attending but once. Well I almost missed again because of my crazy cram jammed weekend's. My only chance was to go on Friday night, which meant we would miss the hand's on art tent on Sat, aaaand we would have to take all the kiddo's. You see my sister Rachel and I usually love to go together and really chill, as we leisurely meander( I like that word) through all the booth's enjoying all the work's. Oh don't get me wrong, we enjoy outing's with our little angel's .... When they are not whine baggin it every 10 min repeating" Are we done yet?" Or making artist's twitch as they can't resist putting their little paws on the art, or you get the comment, " Oh those are YOUR children", as they are clobbering each other with water bottles... Long, long, sigh. Needless to say we really didn't get to look too well, and the only chillin we did was when the sun went down and we froze. Alas what we did see was wonderful and inspiring, and hey we did nosh on some mighty tasty Gyros. All in all we were happy to be there and are looking forward to next year! Happy Friday !
It took 4 shot's before mom felt she had the picture ..

Can you see those mischeivious look's?

Can you see our disgruntled looks?

This was amazing!!

beautiful, and oh how they moved in the wind

This was just a total hoot!

Now this had to be touched to appreciate fully!

You know your giggling right now...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thing's I'm Lovin Thursday

When the weather finally starts to get pretty. (Mind you we still had giant snow flakes and 80 degree heat all I'm the same two day time spam last week) I start to perk up a bit, and get happy as I pot colorful posie's, and get motivated by other cheery thing.. Like these:) happy Thurs'

Walks at the park

Blue Orchid's and my new mini Ikea Greenhouse gifted to me , exciting!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pillows part dos

When I get on a roll, I get on a roll. Nothing like company to scare the procrastination right outta ya! Last post I was working on my pillows for my living room. Well I proceeded to finish 9 in all, aaaand make a set of curtains for my bedroom, outta some unusual sheer fabric I had been hoarding . By three a.m. I was thoroughly sick of my sewing machine, but delighted with the finished appearance to my room's after 3 yrs! Happy Friday. Yippee !