Thursday, November 29, 2012

Still Inspired

My dress, and art have been inspired all week after my Saturday evening on the chaise lounge watching a marathon of my Upstair's Downstair's on PBS. It was wonderful... The peace, relaxation and the show. Along with my fave Downton Abbey(new season in Jan , yay!) I really enjoy the style, and beauty of oldie but goody everything! On a sad note, I read they will not be doing another season of Up/Down. Rating's. I am saddened, but still encouraged to see the influence of beautiful feminine, and vintage lady style on the spring 2013 runway's. Here are a few other lovelies to share. Happy Thurs!
Ralph Lauren
The sister's of Downton Abbey
Vintage 1920's Kimono by Fabgab on
Upstair's Downstair's
1920's black Edwardian pump's from Antique elegance on

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Furry Fashion

Whether faux or no, I love a fashionable fur collar.

 Inspired lately by some of my favorite show's( more on that tomorrow )I decided to add a beautifully detailed vintage pin I found at a flea market some time back. Lone collar's are fairly easy to find at thrift stores and usually cost only a couple bucks. They can be worn with a dress as I did, or even a rockin vintage tee, long cardi, thin belt, jean's and your fave pump's. Or instead of a pin as I used, how bout attaching a pretty length of velvet ribbon, or lace to give a different effect? See how much fun this little accessory can be? Now go thrifting, or second handing and have a happy wed, almost thur's! Xo Dawn

A few more of my little thrifted, and garage sale treasures I finished off the outfit with.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Rock n' Roll Craft Show 9

Over the weekend my sister and I mosied out to the rrcs9 at the awesome and hospitable Third Degree Glass Factory for some funky fun art ,band's and artist's.

I eagerly await this show every year ,alway's on Thanksgiving weekend, and usually treat myself to some me time but alas brought my turkey-kiddo( appropriate) with us, under duress.
A little less relaxing, especially when about 15 minutes in my turkey tell's me.. And I quote ..." I didn't know this would involve shopping, and you didn't tell me the detail's."... After a long eye squeezing, head thrown back Napoleon Dynamite sigh, I tell Turkey to take his yap to the glassblowing demo and enjoy some art for cryin out loud.

Regardless we still scored some peachy purchases, including a hand screened art pad for said complaining kidster. So success it was I'd say! Take a gander! And happy Monday!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Recycled leather collar

I was just about to get rid of an old leather men's jacket, and as I had it in hand, I got a wild hair to cut off the collar, and make something fun. Along with my stash of vintage rhinestone jewelry, some finding's, and a wee bit o' sewing, this is what I came up with. The leather is soft but has that rock n' edge, and I have been wanting to use this bow piece for some time. Maybe I'll wear it to the Rock n' Roll Craft show on Sunday!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Better safe than sorry

That phrase is probably universal, and it's something our fam has had on our mind's personally , especially considering the natural disaster's that have sadly affected so many around the country, heck, around the world. In past when faced with an unexpected power outage we would do well to have a working flashlight, or an array of fancy candles. . So rather than be caught off guard by extreme unexpected ex: earthquake , we figured... " better safe than sorry, we should have a disaster preparedness pack. As in backpack. It doesn't take up much space, can hold alot of basics and just seem's like good sense. I have been filling our backpack's for some time now, and many thing's I found at our local Target and Walmart. Everything else we found at our Harbor Freight Tool's and, water purifying pills etc were at Army surplus. All in all we feel our packs are full of vital thing's and now we feel..well, prepared. You can print off a good list on the Red Cross website. Here are just a few of the supplies we have purchased.
Most can be seen, other than thing's like water purifying pill's, waterproof matches,compass,fishing kit, thermal blanket, and some beef jerky.

of course the kiddo's head for the emergency food!
Interesting selection of booklet's. We didnt buy but we cracked up at the "how to " on scrounging.
Any kind of back pack will do.
Thank's for letting me share, and wonderful Wednesday to you all! xo Dawn

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hot Pot Smoothie Shop

Hmm, an oriental kitty holding a steaming bowl, and the words smoothie shop... What could this be, as I pondered several times as I drove by.

Well we found out tonight for din, that this was a hip and tasty noodle bowl shop. Think Kung Foo Panda's dad's noodle restaurant, or the movie Ramen Girl.

Here we picked our noodle , meat , broth, and veg, all cooked up fresh, and quite delish. Then we also selected a yummy fruit smoothie made w/ agave. Greens were an option to add too. Either way you felt you were eating good n' heathy.
Along with kool art , and additional gathering room downstairs, that will host future art class, I feel confident that we will be visiting again very soon!;)
Udon noodle's with kale. green onion, spicy Korean beef, mushrooms,and a curry,lime,cilantro, coconut broth,

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Rest

Or is it? A run to the store for milk proved no rest was to be had by holiday shopper's on the go, go. Crazy driver's, and grocery shelves looking picked over, I was glad to get back to the Casa with our staples ( including, icecream of course). Our Sunday rest included our getting cozy in front of the T.V. to watch my little guy's favorite and long anticipated show: Finding Bigfoot, on Animal Planet.

They use heat sensing, night vision camera's..fancy!
No matter if you find it true or tale, it's times like these that kid's alway's remember, and I'm happy to be a part of the fun:)

Happy Sunday!