Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Time out for family

Well it's that time of year, for vacations, and visiting family. And oh boyeee, do we have a big family. So when my sister and little niece aand my dad and stepmom came to stay with me this past week it was party at my house every day! Which was a blast except for one little downfall... One kiddo came home sick, which led to 6 other family members biting the dust. Alas it didn't stop all from visiting and having fun, just slowed em down a bit. My lack of post's last week will be made up this week with family doin's. Well some, anyway's. I didn't pic nearly as much as we did. I was wiped out.. Happily . :) xoxo Dawn
My little sister who I miss so much, and was sooo happy she could  make it home! And she was happy with the new sunglasses I surprised her with!
Again, so happy to have my dad, and his lovely wife:)
Shopping was on the agenda,of course! And the cousin's found matching BigFoot slipper's! Total hoot!
One happy little niece, with hand's loaded with present's!
My little mini garden helper. Ummm maybe more watering of the tot than the plant's?

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