Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hot Pot Smoothie Shop

Hmm, an oriental kitty holding a steaming bowl, and the words smoothie shop... What could this be, as I pondered several times as I drove by.

Well we found out tonight for din, that this was a hip and tasty noodle bowl shop. Think Kung Foo Panda's dad's noodle restaurant, or the movie Ramen Girl.

Here we picked our noodle , meat , broth, and veg, all cooked up fresh, and quite delish. Then we also selected a yummy fruit smoothie made w/ agave. Greens were an option to add too. Either way you felt you were eating good n' heathy.
Along with kool art , and additional gathering room downstairs, that will host future art class, I feel confident that we will be visiting again very soon!;)
Udon noodle's with kale. green onion, spicy Korean beef, mushrooms,and a curry,lime,cilantro, coconut broth,

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