Monday, November 26, 2012

Rock n' Roll Craft Show 9

Over the weekend my sister and I mosied out to the rrcs9 at the awesome and hospitable Third Degree Glass Factory for some funky fun art ,band's and artist's.

I eagerly await this show every year ,alway's on Thanksgiving weekend, and usually treat myself to some me time but alas brought my turkey-kiddo( appropriate) with us, under duress.
A little less relaxing, especially when about 15 minutes in my turkey tell's me.. And I quote ..." I didn't know this would involve shopping, and you didn't tell me the detail's."... After a long eye squeezing, head thrown back Napoleon Dynamite sigh, I tell Turkey to take his yap to the glassblowing demo and enjoy some art for cryin out loud.

Regardless we still scored some peachy purchases, including a hand screened art pad for said complaining kidster. So success it was I'd say! Take a gander! And happy Monday!


  1. That was a fun day even with the complainig boy

  2. This place looks amazing to me! And I think most boys would complain about shopping, no matter what age they are. Ha!

  3. Lovely Pictures
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    Claudia xx

    1. I would love to Miss Claudia!Thankyou ever so much for the visit and comment!xoxo Dawn