Thursday, November 29, 2012

Still Inspired

My dress, and art have been inspired all week after my Saturday evening on the chaise lounge watching a marathon of my Upstair's Downstair's on PBS. It was wonderful... The peace, relaxation and the show. Along with my fave Downton Abbey(new season in Jan , yay!) I really enjoy the style, and beauty of oldie but goody everything! On a sad note, I read they will not be doing another season of Up/Down. Rating's. I am saddened, but still encouraged to see the influence of beautiful feminine, and vintage lady style on the spring 2013 runway's. Here are a few other lovelies to share. Happy Thurs!
Ralph Lauren
The sister's of Downton Abbey
Vintage 1920's Kimono by Fabgab on
Upstair's Downstair's
1920's black Edwardian pump's from Antique elegance on


  1. I didn't get to see the end of upstairs downstairs so save it for me if you can.

  2. Oh man! I hope I didnt erase it! If I did I can alway's snag it from the library for a movie night!