Friday, December 7, 2012

Vintage Leather Suitcase makeover

Sooo sorry I have been gone all week. But I'm back with my long awaited Iphone 5 that will take waay better pictures , not to mention all the other new feature's. believe me i do not keep up with all the newest stuff so this tele has gotta last me. Anyhoo, I have been working on a couple projects this week. One being a suitcase for my sister in laws upcoming nuptials. I was super excited to find this large leather case outside the trash! Freebie!! Just waiting for a makeover ! After rummaging through my lace , and doily stash, I found the perfect pieces of old /new wedding dress trim, and a sweet Swiss dot sheer piece, also a small, what looked like a dainty coaster, that I embroidered the letter L for Lacey(fitting). I adhered, and sealed with ModPodge, and TaDah!!! I am now on a mission to find another to make for myself! Happy Friday all!

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