Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Big Score

Generally on Friday night's me and my sister, sometime's sister's and or mom and gram grab some din and go to the bookstore to hang out for the evening. Trust me, it's lovely relaxing fun.

When it's me and my little sister, and the kid's we like to add more stop's to the evening that alway's includes the Thrift Store, and Old Navy, and Starbucks ( especially for Bogo), aaaand Ulta, aaaand dinner(at good ol Steak n' shake) aaaand one shop for the kid's and finally they have to kick us outta the bookstore when it closes at 10:00.
We have a great time together especially when we score big at the Thrift! Proof was in our cart brimming with goodies that included a perfect grey velvet jacket from Sak's Fifth Avenue , a leather back pack, three Mexican bird feather art pic's for my collection ( Rachel found these for me) and for me one of my long time longing's on my must find list: : Vintage Leather Satchel's .
I am alway's on the lookout for a Gladstone, but when me and my sister spotted the John Romain leather bag behind the counter, the heaven's parted and the angel's sang!
Love I tell ya, and what made it sweeter was that I got it for a mere $7.50, after I haggled with the manager, and he gave me 50% more off ( didn't know you could do that huh?). I quickly looked it up on my phone and found my purse was listed for $145.00 on line!!! Similar ones ranged from 70 and up, so supa score I say!! And that's how we roll on a Friday night! Maybe boring to most but good time's to those who get... " The Thrill Of The Thrift!" Xox Dawn

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