Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chocolate Lollies

Well the big disappointment was No snow. You know how exciting the first snow is, particularly for kid's.
We alway's stock the cupboard with hot chocolate, popcorn, and other goodie's to bake or make.
The fridge has the making's for comfort food, and big breakfast.
We go to the library and pick movie's like Flash Gordon, and The Long Long Trailer, and for me some art mag's. Then we make sure we have glove's , snow suits, and of course our sled's ready for that whiter than white glow through the window that your peeper's first see in the morn of a snowy day.....

Big ol' let down was all we saw when the grey light awoke us...meanwhile our neighbor's to the south had fourteen inches of the white fluff! Whoah, I'm not saying we wanted near that, but maybe just two or three for one day of fun. Then we are good for the winter.

Since none was to be had, me and the kiddo's ( we also had an anxious snowflake loving cousin over) decided to make some chocolate lolly pop's that were easy as a wink, and fun for the kid's to decorate . It was simply : melt your chocolate in a glass bowl at 30 second interval's in micro till smooth. Oh and use a rubber spatula to stir. Then simply spoon your chocolate on a cookie sheet with wax paper, lay your sucker stick( with a bit of a roll motion to cover up the stick with chocolate all tidy). Add your topping's and pop in the fridge for 15 or 20 min to firm up , and there you have it!

See the day was not a total bust! Oh and the kid's made mask's and cape's and the house looked like the storm we didnt have! Happy Thurs! Xox Dawn

I used a delish combo of cashew,dried cherries,and white chocolate, and then toasted walnut, sno-cap topped semi-sweet..yum

Skye's giving The Suave Look

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