Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just checkin in...

Sorry I have been the busiest ever!! I am working like a beast on my sister in laws upcoming nuptials , and I'm having a shower at my Casa this weekend. Soooo, I don't know when my house ever gets cleaner than when company is coming! Ha! It's also when I do projects like pillow covers, hang pictures etc. I've been ordering fabrics like crazy off Etsy for that purpose. Here is just a smidge of my doin's...happy Wed!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy Saturday, Happy Spring!

This past week I have been hiking challenging trails, trying to get fit, but also to get out and enjoy the great outdoor 's now that spring has sprung! I always find it fascinating how from one day to the next , the wood's go from bare bones, to a fine mist of green all throughout. I love it. The bird's are dodging and darting happily, the squirrels are running nutty.. Heh, and spring flowers are beautifying the landscape once again! Top o 'the weekend to ya! Xox

Do you see, what I see, camouflaged?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

When I was little , we traveled via station wagon ( the mini van of its time) with my grandparents to visit our family all the way to Tuscon Az. And we always stopped to see wonderful things along the way. Maybe that's why I love hittin the road too, to go see what there is to see along the way! Well one thing I recalled while at the stomach dropping Rio Grande Gorge Bridge was not only its spectacular views but that alongside the bridge were many Native American's set up selling their handmade wares! Oh how I remember stopping as a kid to buy pretty turquoise earrings, my Phoenix ring, doll's etc at these independent and very reasonable stand's, us loading up on little treasures. . Same here, first we got up the courage and took our jello leg's out on the bridge, and held our cameras for dear life as we took pic's as close as we dared from the edge . Then we went back to check out the goodies! Oh did we all have some fun buying jewelry etc here! I highly recommend stopping if your passing thorough ! Xox Dawn

I think this was The White Feather son's proudly showcasing their handmade  good's. Man I wish I had bought more..arrg!

I still came away with some great pieces! Oh and much to Emmy's shock I found a large hand tooled  leather Sasquatch key chain that said Squatchin on the back! Score for my Skye!!!

my Travel buddie's Emmy, Alicia, and Em's mom Anna:)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Old Hand Carved Wood Stamps

As I was browsing the stalls and shop's in Santa Fe, I almost passed up a high end indoor / outdoor Persian etc rug shop, but some interesting baskets and pottery drew my attention, and I being the eagle eye for the unusual spotted a gigantic, shallow bowl full of black object's that I couldn't quite make out. Of course I had to inspect further and then I could see all the designs.

They were some awesome carved wood chunk stamps in all shapes and sizes and patterns! eeee!!! Now this is my kinda find! Some looked very old and worn down but to me they were all amazing! I wanted them all, but after inquiring from the gentleman owner, my faves were 40 smacker's apiece, so I wheeled and dealed for two little gem's in my travel budget. They were my giddy find of my trip, and I was already seeing the one of a kind design's stamped in clay, and stamped on fabric for a skirt. It just makes me think how we could never run out of wonderful thing's to find, that bring us joy, and wonderment:) Happy Wednesday all! Xox Dawn

Monday, April 8, 2013

Welcome to New Mexico

We saw so many sites, and ate so many delight's ( heh, rhymed) that its going to take me a week of posts, so here goes! Santa Fe, Art and southwest style in abundance. We stayed at the El Dorado, it was one of the best I have stayed in thus far. It practically  had its own art gallery inside, there were so many wonderful pieces everywhere my eye's took me, and the attention to southwest detail was reflected in the structure, it's native pattern carpets , beautiful lighting.. I could go on and on,. When we arrived it was eve, so we had just enough time and energy after being smunched in a car for so long to settle in and then enjoyed a  relaxing dip in the roof top hot tub, and pool under the clear starry sky. Next morning being so central to everything, we put on our walking shoe's and put in a good 8 hr shopping day o' fun! Let the good time's and tortilla's roll!

The El Dorado

The outside was just as gorgeous as the inside. Lifesized sculptures were everywhere.

The beginning of the culinary delight's. The signature of the southwest was Green Chiles, and we had them in several dishes including this dish. And some of the best green's I've ever tasted.( they would not give over the recipe, ding dang!

kicked back comfy in our room. Happyish Monday!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Back from Rest, Relaxation, and Resplendent Vistas

Hellooooo and long time no blog eh?! I've been back from our fantabulous road trip since earlier this week and have been slammed with work from sun up to well after sun down ever since!! On the drive home I was still inspired from all that we had enjoyed from the unbelievably vivid blue sky to the regal mountain's. I now understand how much more beautifully the arid land's color's look when decorated with all the colorful art, culture, and native people's. And speaking of art... Oh the Art! They say Santa Fe is a Mecca for the arts and I believe they are correct, it is everywhere! I found myself on several occasions having lively conversations with fellow artist's that left me with that creative buzz that I crave sometimes when normal every day work as mother and breadwinner keep me a busy bee's otherwise. The whole experience refreshed my soul, and I was grateful ! We spent many hour's walking, sightseeing,and shopping, which I will share this coming week . Meanwhile here is the illustration I did on long flat ride through Kansas:) Happy , happy weekend , glad to be back:-/) xo Dawn