Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

When I was little , we traveled via station wagon ( the mini van of its time) with my grandparents to visit our family all the way to Tuscon Az. And we always stopped to see wonderful things along the way. Maybe that's why I love hittin the road too, to go see what there is to see along the way! Well one thing I recalled while at the stomach dropping Rio Grande Gorge Bridge was not only its spectacular views but that alongside the bridge were many Native American's set up selling their handmade wares! Oh how I remember stopping as a kid to buy pretty turquoise earrings, my Phoenix ring, doll's etc at these independent and very reasonable stand's, us loading up on little treasures. . Same here, first we got up the courage and took our jello leg's out on the bridge, and held our cameras for dear life as we took pic's as close as we dared from the edge . Then we went back to check out the goodies! Oh did we all have some fun buying jewelry etc here! I highly recommend stopping if your passing thorough ! Xox Dawn

I think this was The White Feather son's proudly showcasing their handmade  good's. Man I wish I had bought more..arrg!

I still came away with some great pieces! Oh and much to Emmy's shock I found a large hand tooled  leather Sasquatch key chain that said Squatchin on the back! Score for my Skye!!!

my Travel buddie's Emmy, Alicia, and Em's mom Anna:)


  1. What a trip! The scenery is spectacular and that turquoise jewellery - oh wow! Lovely to meet another Vintage Vixen - have a fantastic weekend! xxx

    1. Why thank you so much ! Very sweet of you, and I love your vintage style Miss Vixen! And thank you also for visiting my blog!xox