Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Old Hand Carved Wood Stamps

As I was browsing the stalls and shop's in Santa Fe, I almost passed up a high end indoor / outdoor Persian etc rug shop, but some interesting baskets and pottery drew my attention, and I being the eagle eye for the unusual spotted a gigantic, shallow bowl full of black object's that I couldn't quite make out. Of course I had to inspect further and then I could see all the designs.

They were some awesome carved wood chunk stamps in all shapes and sizes and patterns! eeee!!! Now this is my kinda find! Some looked very old and worn down but to me they were all amazing! I wanted them all, but after inquiring from the gentleman owner, my faves were 40 smacker's apiece, so I wheeled and dealed for two little gem's in my travel budget. They were my giddy find of my trip, and I was already seeing the one of a kind design's stamped in clay, and stamped on fabric for a skirt. It just makes me think how we could never run out of wonderful thing's to find, that bring us joy, and wonderment:) Happy Wednesday all! Xox Dawn

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