Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Big Texan

As we continued to make our way to destination New Mexico, we passed thru Texas ( steak country) and stopped off for lunch at a place called The Big Texan known for their kitschy kool saloon style atmosphere, and the 72oz free steak. That is if you can eat it all, including the sides in one hour... Yeah we just stuck with the chicken fried steak, and some wild looking but super tasty taco's...

Friday, March 29, 2013

Pinkitzel Candy and Cupcakes

So we're driving down the road in Oklahoma and pass this eye catching storefront that stood out in an otherwise uneventful looking area. It had a giant pink horse, and was glittery, and cupcakery looking, and we just had to turn around and go back and check it out . When we opened those door's it was a sight to behold! Hand's down the best cupcake, candy, gift store we ever laid eyes on! And with a Marie Antoinette inspired party room, I was in awe. We came, we saw, we bought. Come take a peek and see what you think!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hooray for Road Trips !

New Mexico here we come! Four friend's with too many bag's in too small a vehicular, yet excited as all get out to head up to the mountains of New Mexico, stopping along the way at many tasty places, and jolly jaunt's. So many places, so little time! Let the good time's begin!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Brooch Redo

Out of all my jewelry, I definitely wear brooches the least. I use a lot of them in revamped project's. This is an example of an easy redo requested by a friend. Here we have a pretty turquoise blue pin that I simply snipped the pin bracket off (file rough spots if needed). Then I used my trusty E-6000 industrial glue to attach a base with a hoop to attach a jump ring to transform from brooch, to necklace. Finally add your chain and clasp of choice ( I used a really cute lock and key closure). Wouldn't you agree this is more wearable? Happy Friday! Xox

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY Washi Tape

Simply put, I love washi tape. I really should look up the history of this brilliant alternative to plain ol' Scotch tape.
In the meantime I have for quite some time now been making my own version, and stashing them in a mint tin that I decorated .
One day I found my little old Xyron , that puts a sticky back on anything from ribbon to paper, and thought hmmm, I could make my own tape! So I took some old quilt strips full of different patterns and then copied them on paper. Then i cut strips to fit in the Xyron, pulled them through so they then had a sticker back, and next I cut them into individual pieces.
And there I had my own washi tapes to tape up ideas, or seal a gift for my sister , etc. One hint I suggest is to use permanent sticky back on your handmade tapes. They stick better. So get out that dusty scrapbooking tool and have a go at your own! Happy Tues/Wed! Xo Dawn

Monday, March 18, 2013

Pooey on Mondays

This is how I feel like on Mondays....

                                                                     And that's all I've got to say about that....

Oh except Tuesday will be way better... Tune in amigas y amigos!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kid Craft, Mine Craft

Sorry my posts have been a little skimpy lately. I have been super duper busy with multiple projects, besides work. Although hectic, I have to take time ,to make time for my son's imagination as well. He is crazy about a game on his Ipad called MineCraft which is kind of like Lego's but amazing how these kid's can build whole world's, with endless possibilities. And so of course he thought it would be great if mom could make him a template for an action figure Steve ( the main character) . Together we spent the evening making his character, and watching Smile As Big As The Moon. Speaking of smile, the one on my kidster's face ,and hug's, snuggle's and thank's, remind me of just how important is to spend this kind of time together. Memorable.
Lovely weekend to you:) xox Dawn

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Read's to stir the creative soul

I am a reader, always have been, alway's will be. How does the old phrase go? ..ah yes..."Knowledge is power". Even though I am limited now a day's on my leisurely reading time , I can alway's fit in an art book or mag each week. Frankly I need that artistic eye candy to keep me enthused, and inspired. Some of my favorite thing's to see and read are about other artists and their studios/workspace . So these are my reads of choice this week , one book is so whimsical and fun that I read it over. And over . If your interest is like mine, you may want to check these out at your local library first, for a rainy weekend of good reads ! Happy wasp

Somerset has mag's on whatever tickle's your artsy fancy.

hello, I need to try this image transfer tech on salvaged wood.

Must have book!

This is a great one gifted to me by a sweet little bird!

This is book of my all time favorites . it is literally an art party in a book!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Green With Indie

Wow! Two art fair's in a row! Yep, we hit another on Saturday. It started off pouring rain, but fortunately it was an inside, and even better was when the sunshine came out before we got there and everybody cheered up and was able to really enjoy being out at the Green with Indie fair, and the food truck's luring you with their tasty fare. This was the first time me , my sister, and our delightful;) friend Emmy attended this one, and we were not disappointed! It had a great variety of art's and craftsman , and we made some jolly fun score's,! We will definitely be going back next year, or maybe even join in the fun!!! Happy (who we kiddin) Monday!

two nutty gnomes, and one foxy lady!

These were melt in your mouth amazing!

Would'nt these be wonderful in a little girls room?

My kinda jewelry

My kinda potholders

This soldered pin had a fine glitter harp and was beautiful

Couldn't resist buying these for expectant momma friend!

Em's supa stoked  fabby find of the day!! Perfect color's and in perfect shape!

So happy to find a handmade perfect colored bow tie for my kiddo to wear for an upcoming wedding!

After all that shopping a girl can get mighty hungry!This place was lipsmacking good! The portion's were enormous, and the prices were awesome too!Mango margarita,and a loaded nacho! Slurp!