Sunday, March 3, 2013

Winter Days

You know what they say.. In like a lamb. Out like a lion. And winter in our part of the world has been that! Some have received several feet of snow. We have had enough to be a drag for those on roads, and a joy for those on sled's! Alas, Winter's weariness is nearing it's end. This I know by the early and louder than usual tweet's of the bird's as they are readying for the Spring Twitterpating Season! And after this past week of daily gloom with it's wind, cold, and constant snowflakes, I must say that I'm ready for that lush pallor of green that makes everything feel alive and fresh in spring! Until then we will continue to snuggle like bear's in our den's , and in the word's of Laura Ingall's , The Long Winter.. "Wait for the Chinook to blow!" Happy Sunday xo Dawn

Conquer Mount Everest jr !

Relax and have a ten minute sketch session!

Make a snowy day breakfast. Pancakes wth dark chocolate and walnut's.

Being attacked by bacon!

Made eggie's with these farm freshies from a friend! 

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