Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY Washi Tape

Simply put, I love washi tape. I really should look up the history of this brilliant alternative to plain ol' Scotch tape.
In the meantime I have for quite some time now been making my own version, and stashing them in a mint tin that I decorated .
One day I found my little old Xyron , that puts a sticky back on anything from ribbon to paper, and thought hmmm, I could make my own tape! So I took some old quilt strips full of different patterns and then copied them on paper. Then i cut strips to fit in the Xyron, pulled them through so they then had a sticker back, and next I cut them into individual pieces.
And there I had my own washi tapes to tape up ideas, or seal a gift for my sister , etc. One hint I suggest is to use permanent sticky back on your handmade tapes. They stick better. So get out that dusty scrapbooking tool and have a go at your own! Happy Tues/Wed! Xo Dawn

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