Monday, March 11, 2013

Green With Indie

Wow! Two art fair's in a row! Yep, we hit another on Saturday. It started off pouring rain, but fortunately it was an inside, and even better was when the sunshine came out before we got there and everybody cheered up and was able to really enjoy being out at the Green with Indie fair, and the food truck's luring you with their tasty fare. This was the first time me , my sister, and our delightful;) friend Emmy attended this one, and we were not disappointed! It had a great variety of art's and craftsman , and we made some jolly fun score's,! We will definitely be going back next year, or maybe even join in the fun!!! Happy (who we kiddin) Monday!

two nutty gnomes, and one foxy lady!

These were melt in your mouth amazing!

Would'nt these be wonderful in a little girls room?

My kinda jewelry

My kinda potholders

This soldered pin had a fine glitter harp and was beautiful

Couldn't resist buying these for expectant momma friend!

Em's supa stoked  fabby find of the day!! Perfect color's and in perfect shape!

So happy to find a handmade perfect colored bow tie for my kiddo to wear for an upcoming wedding!

After all that shopping a girl can get mighty hungry!This place was lipsmacking good! The portion's were enormous, and the prices were awesome too!Mango margarita,and a loaded nacho! Slurp!


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