Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tissue Paper Flower DIY

Tissue paper flower 's have been around forever. My fascination started when I was a wee girl in Mexico and saw giant colorful bunches in the market's. I seriously made a note in my little 4yr old mind that I would one day make these wonderful paper bloom's! And so I have!
And because I think many are intimidated or feel they are hard to do, I thought you should see just how easy they are!

The basic design is simply 4 or 5 layered squares of tissue paper folded fan style, and secured in the center with a pipe cleaner. Then I simply trimmed the edges to form the style petal's I wanted, and then carefully , layer by layer pulled each up till a fluffy flower is formed. Easy Von peasy!! Try and make a bouquet for yourself! You deserve em! Xox Dawn

You can trim your edges jagged, rounded, squared off etc. Just play around.

Here is the fan effect. 

These remind me of water lily's or aster's.

Peacock blue peonies

I put a darker yellow center on these, and combined two texture's.

Again I combined two: blush pink, and white

Tip: When pulling your layer's apart and up, be sure your fan edges also start in the upward position.

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