Wednesday, July 17, 2013

From Canvas to Clutch

I have been drooling over the totes, clutches, and IPad holder's like this, made from old painting's on canvas! I swore that would be one project I would make for myself this summer and by golly I did it!!

Opportunity arose when a friend let me pick through their estate sale leftover's, and I found a perfect size woodland cottage scene I could revamp into a clutchola! And it was free to boot!!!

 It took me several hour's and I have to give due praise to one of the best purchases I have ever made: My trusty $46.00 Brother sewing machine. It is a simple no fuss sewing super-machine that has kicked my mom's fancy machine's butt time and again. I bought it around the holidays 12yrs ago and have had the same needle till today .. I was on the home stretch sewing four layers of canvas, and 4 layers of fabric altogether and it had just finished beautifully sewing fairly thick leather to canvas  when Pop!, the tip broke and hit me on the chop's. 

Yes I threw my hands up and howled to the not up yet moon when the needle broke, and then...ding!! ...I remembered I bought a grab bag of sewing stuff at ye ol' thrift store, and lo and behold 5 packs of sewing needles including heavy duty canvas / leather/ coat needles, Hooray! Happily I patted my humble Brother and hummed away as I finished off my now favorite purse to date.
 Oh but I still have the DIY bag bug and will be immediately scouring the thrift's and garage sales for a large floral oil painting to transform into a tote. Cross your fingers for me, and have a lovely day!!!