Sunday, December 8, 2013

Love to snuggle in with the first snow

Our weather in the Midwest can be called nothing less than bizarre at times. It's a wonder why there are so many sniffles and sneezes, when one day the temp is sunny and 68 degrees and the next it is 24 and snowing. And of course a couple inches send's everyone in a frantic run to the grocery store for bread, milk and egg's. Our mail man claim's everyone must be making French toast ha ha. I on the other hand did grab the staple's and some chocolate of course, but opted to make Pioneer Woman's easy snowy day breakfast of egg in the hole, with buttery French bread . It was simply yummy! Along with some bacon, cinnamon crumb cake, and hot chocolate we were warmed through and through and ready for a day of reading under cozy quilt's , making snow angel's ,and sketching. I'd say a good start to winter!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lazy Sunday's are Wonderful

Rarely do I have an entire Sunday to do as I like , to sleep in (as in 8:00 o clock) then lounge about in bed with a stack of art and fashion mag's. Then get up and make a breakfast other than a yogurt, bowl of cereal or an egg. Something good like French Toast and bacon. Then get dressed in something toasty because it was 29 degrees this morn , which gave me the perfect excuse to wear my new lonnggg  soft salmon lacey leg warmer's that I bought from some rad crafter's at the Springfield farmer's market. Then go shop leisurely for nothing in particular and come home to to a hot cup of chocolate with homemade marshmallow's ( I bought) and work on some project's  while watching favorite movie's.  I wish for all to have such a day of bliss!!  Happy Sunday!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Time for Fall Food!

Well I finally bit the bullet and turned on the furnace tonight. The day's have been bone chilling with the wind beating me to a Popsicle pulp as I have been working outside every day. So it's time for one of my all time perfect food's ...Soup, of course! I made potato soup all thick and bubbly. To accompany, it just made perfect sense to have a grilled sandwich, and oh boyee do I have a fantastic combo I hope you will try: Black Forest ham, Havarti cheese, aaaand here's the kicker.. Fig Jam! I grilled this tasty delight on ciabatta bread and was in heaven as I spooned warm bites of soup, and alternating bite's of figgy sweet ,salty sandwich, then chased it all down with some Birch Beer ( like root beer) I picked up from an awesome Mennonite store. Need I say more folk's? ... Oh yes I do... Welcome to fall!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Watercolor watermelon

It may officially be fall, but the farmer's market's are still offering the last of the land's produce, and we were easily impressed by a 36 plus lb heirloom yellow spotted watermelon that looked more like an exotic pumpkin than a melon.  All it took was the farmer 's promise that it was the sweetest we would ever taste, and next minute I had it hoisted on my shoulder with the thought that we may need to evict a passenger in the van to seat belt this puppy in!
Alas all arrived home safely, the behemoth was chunked and divided, and  of course sampled and found sweet and juicy, and the seed's were promptly saved. Mr. Farmer said we could save those seed's and grow our own lovely speckled watermelon's , and so I prepared and dried them and thought they deserved a proper and pretty package to be stored in till they are scattered and yet again can grow us more sweet summertime deliciousness. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fair's, Fair's everywhere!

It fall fair , and festival time, and I'm lovin every local honey booth, antique treasure hunt, and food truck cuisine galore!
Alas there are only so many this jingling pocket of change can peruse, but we did hit a few. One we ( me and Vintage Honeybee, my sister) recently enjoyed was Green Tree Festival . We were sorely disappointed the homemade chicken and dumpling's were sold out, but we still had a jolly good time slurping juicy sno-cones , and devoured fresh strawberry shortcakes. Oh also THE best authentic root beer ever!! Enough about the food eh? The craft's were great, and we loved the 1800's village set up with awesome craftsman, and of course we love the book fair too! I hope your fall is allowing you time to enjoy a festival or two! Happy Thurs! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Rosie Posey Tote

  Once upon a time    I purchased a couple simple cotton totes for a project for my nieces, but we ended up doing bleach pen t-shirts instead( I'll be sharing that later this week).
Well after they went home toting their new T's, I was still in a makin mood so I cracked open the new box of  Pentel FabricFun Pastel's and went into grown up coloring mode , that is after I sketched some flowers on my tote. I had in mind a softer, pretty bag than the others I own, and I was abundantly pleased by the waxy, vivid colors that I was getting. 
I finished around 2:00 am ( cause that's how I roll baby), then I can't hardly roll outta bed, but hey I have a custom tote to show for my puffy eyed look eh?!

Oh and one final thing : the colors need to be heat set with an iron and a piece of paper which gives the art that over all softness I wanted...
Happy as a clam I am!
Xox Dawn

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday day of rest and play

I'm not gonna lie, I look forward to a Sunday afternoon snooze on my antique down filled chaise lounge. I only need forty five minutes and I feel refreshed and rested for the upcoming week . After nappy time we usually eat leftover's and work on a enjoyable project . Skye has been having a blast making his own paper Minecraft characters. App's that are printable are Minecraft skins, and Paper Studio. It's great to watch your kiddo print, clip, and assemble these little figures for literally hours of constructive entertainment.
Meanwhile I had an artsy urge to make a floral tote with some new fabric color sticks ( essentially heat binding oil pastels). I'm still working on it but I will give a peek... 
Phooey to Monday, but until the clock strikes midnight, I say Viva La Sunday's!

Will show completed project on the morrow!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer's Beautiful Bounty

It's another roasting hot 98 degree day today in the Midwest, and we have an outdoor Bridal Shower/Picnic to go to.... Yikes....
While the heat may slow us down it doesn't slow down the summer garden's that thrive with a little water and reach for the summer sun and give us gorgeous varieties of fruits and veggie's. 
I will be taking advantage of the splendid heirloom tomato, and taking a pasta salad based on Pioneer Woman's recipe, that will have an abundance of these refreshing babies. 
I think this will be a tasty cool dish on this  scorcher of a day! 
Stay cool and happy !!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Favorite Fix

If I have a little change jangling in my pocket and I need a little fix then my eyes start scanning the road for handmade neon signage that says "Garage Sale!"
It's a treasure hunt that is oh so gratifying even if you find just one thing, and if you get it for 50 cent's or a dollar or two that makes it even sweeter. This outing with my sister had me checking off a couple thing's on my list of Must Find's, and along with a hearty farm style breakfast with our outta town family, it turned out to be a lovely day! 

These painting's were straight out of my Pinterest category  of Favorite Places and Spaces! They were just waiting for me,and I snagged em for a mere buck a piece! They are the start of a future collage!

The clasp on this lemony yellow triple strand necklace was the selling point for me. I think I eill wear it with a plum dress today. My wardrobe is sounding very fruity  eh?

Hello one dollar Brady Bunch waste basket to place beside my desk!

And  you ! You gorgeous Belgian tin are coming home with mama to make some new cuff's!

Yep you too!

And yet another find for a Pinterest project. Little clothespin people will be made to ride on cardboard painted animal's for the little niece! Oh what jolly fun!