Thursday, October 24, 2013

Time for Fall Food!

Well I finally bit the bullet and turned on the furnace tonight. The day's have been bone chilling with the wind beating me to a Popsicle pulp as I have been working outside every day. So it's time for one of my all time perfect food's ...Soup, of course! I made potato soup all thick and bubbly. To accompany, it just made perfect sense to have a grilled sandwich, and oh boyee do I have a fantastic combo I hope you will try: Black Forest ham, Havarti cheese, aaaand here's the kicker.. Fig Jam! I grilled this tasty delight on ciabatta bread and was in heaven as I spooned warm bites of soup, and alternating bite's of figgy sweet ,salty sandwich, then chased it all down with some Birch Beer ( like root beer) I picked up from an awesome Mennonite store. Need I say more folk's? ... Oh yes I do... Welcome to fall!!!

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