Monday, October 14, 2013

Watercolor watermelon

It may officially be fall, but the farmer's market's are still offering the last of the land's produce, and we were easily impressed by a 36 plus lb heirloom yellow spotted watermelon that looked more like an exotic pumpkin than a melon.  All it took was the farmer 's promise that it was the sweetest we would ever taste, and next minute I had it hoisted on my shoulder with the thought that we may need to evict a passenger in the van to seat belt this puppy in!
Alas all arrived home safely, the behemoth was chunked and divided, and  of course sampled and found sweet and juicy, and the seed's were promptly saved. Mr. Farmer said we could save those seed's and grow our own lovely speckled watermelon's , and so I prepared and dried them and thought they deserved a proper and pretty package to be stored in till they are scattered and yet again can grow us more sweet summertime deliciousness.