Sunday, December 8, 2013

Love to snuggle in with the first snow

Our weather in the Midwest can be called nothing less than bizarre at times. It's a wonder why there are so many sniffles and sneezes, when one day the temp is sunny and 68 degrees and the next it is 24 and snowing. And of course a couple inches send's everyone in a frantic run to the grocery store for bread, milk and egg's. Our mail man claim's everyone must be making French toast ha ha. I on the other hand did grab the staple's and some chocolate of course, but opted to make Pioneer Woman's easy snowy day breakfast of egg in the hole, with buttery French bread . It was simply yummy! Along with some bacon, cinnamon crumb cake, and hot chocolate we were warmed through and through and ready for a day of reading under cozy quilt's , making snow angel's ,and sketching. I'd say a good start to winter!

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