Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lazy Sunday's are Wonderful

Rarely do I have an entire Sunday to do as I like , to sleep in (as in 8:00 o clock) then lounge about in bed with a stack of art and fashion mag's. Then get up and make a breakfast other than a yogurt, bowl of cereal or an egg. Something good like French Toast and bacon. Then get dressed in something toasty because it was 29 degrees this morn , which gave me the perfect excuse to wear my new lonnggg  soft salmon lacey leg warmer's that I bought from some rad crafter's at the Springfield farmer's market. Then go shop leisurely for nothing in particular and come home to to a hot cup of chocolate with homemade marshmallow's ( I bought) and work on some project's  while watching favorite movie's.  I wish for all to have such a day of bliss!!  Happy Sunday!

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