Monday, September 9, 2013

Rosie Posey Tote

  Once upon a time    I purchased a couple simple cotton totes for a project for my nieces, but we ended up doing bleach pen t-shirts instead( I'll be sharing that later this week).
Well after they went home toting their new T's, I was still in a makin mood so I cracked open the new box of  Pentel FabricFun Pastel's and went into grown up coloring mode , that is after I sketched some flowers on my tote. I had in mind a softer, pretty bag than the others I own, and I was abundantly pleased by the waxy, vivid colors that I was getting. 
I finished around 2:00 am ( cause that's how I roll baby), then I can't hardly roll outta bed, but hey I have a custom tote to show for my puffy eyed look eh?!

Oh and one final thing : the colors need to be heat set with an iron and a piece of paper which gives the art that over all softness I wanted...
Happy as a clam I am!
Xox Dawn


  1. that turned out cute. I need to get some of those and do a fall tote.