Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday day of rest and play

I'm not gonna lie, I look forward to a Sunday afternoon snooze on my antique down filled chaise lounge. I only need forty five minutes and I feel refreshed and rested for the upcoming week . After nappy time we usually eat leftover's and work on a enjoyable project . Skye has been having a blast making his own paper Minecraft characters. App's that are printable are Minecraft skins, and Paper Studio. It's great to watch your kiddo print, clip, and assemble these little figures for literally hours of constructive entertainment.
Meanwhile I had an artsy urge to make a floral tote with some new fabric color sticks ( essentially heat binding oil pastels). I'm still working on it but I will give a peek... 
Phooey to Monday, but until the clock strikes midnight, I say Viva La Sunday's!

Will show completed project on the morrow!

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