Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Favorite Fix

If I have a little change jangling in my pocket and I need a little fix then my eyes start scanning the road for handmade neon signage that says "Garage Sale!"
It's a treasure hunt that is oh so gratifying even if you find just one thing, and if you get it for 50 cent's or a dollar or two that makes it even sweeter. This outing with my sister had me checking off a couple thing's on my list of Must Find's, and along with a hearty farm style breakfast with our outta town family, it turned out to be a lovely day! 

These painting's were straight out of my Pinterest category  of Favorite Places and Spaces! They were just waiting for me,and I snagged em for a mere buck a piece! They are the start of a future collage!

The clasp on this lemony yellow triple strand necklace was the selling point for me. I think I eill wear it with a plum dress today. My wardrobe is sounding very fruity  eh?

Hello one dollar Brady Bunch waste basket to place beside my desk!

And  you ! You gorgeous Belgian tin are coming home with mama to make some new cuff's!

Yep you too!

And yet another find for a Pinterest project. Little clothespin people will be made to ride on cardboard painted animal's for the little niece! Oh what jolly fun!

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