Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wood burned dolly blocks

Ever since I saw this wood burned project I have been anxious to make some with my wee little niece who makes the cutest drawing's of little people. It was a jolly good  project on this drowsy summer day. I had her draw little people and use some color with pencil's. Then I sat on my back deck and burned their outlines, while my little bean Izzy continued to draw while humming and singing little song's in her little voice. I love day's like this! Happy Thursday!


  1. Thank you Karen! Next time we will make a multi level shoe box house to play with them in!:)

  2. How beautiful are these? I adore the unselfconscious creativity of small children, and what a gift you given your niece. I hope she'll be able to look back at these when she's much older and remember the lovely afternoon you spent together.

    1. Thank you Roz! I fondly remember specific occasion's when I was little of my mom drawing with me, my one gram teaching me to crochet doll dresses, and gluing little pastel bird's to driftwood with my other gram,and so I hope your right in that I have placed a sweet memory in her wonderful little mind of creative time with Auntie Dawn:)