Monday, March 4, 2013

Yay, Art fair's have begun!

Spring, or almost spring is the start of Art Fair's and you could really tell people were happy to get out of the house and enjoy the row's of art and crafty goodness! I know I did! My little man, has been going to fair's since he was in the womb, and was pulling out gripes left and right. On the other hand, I also had my little cousin with me who is my Art Girl who was in heaven as this was her first Art Show! hopefully I made a memory! I really enjoyed showing her all the medium's and talking with other Artist's. I was really happy she found a perfect first art purchase, a tiny wood burned and painted owl necklace! I found myself a simple sterling initial charm, with a teeny "D". I wish $ was no option so I could buy something from every booth! I love to support handmade!! Happy Monday!.. Not!;}

My mini artist standing next to the gorgeous felted piece I have on hold for me! The softness is amazing! And my turkey kid in the back....

Loved these pin's all shapes and color's, and their clever titles.

Great earring's and use of material's

Don't you just love this owl! And it's my favorite color!

Now this is my Vintage Vixen Art's style of  I.D.

This is the new one I bought!

And they got married and made a perfect Duo ! The End

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